Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh my God , galbee , my Louboutin !


I don't know how this happened , will they fix it to me if I take it to the boutique here ?

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عيدكم مبارك

عيدكم مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتكم Happy Eid everyone
And here we are

Shnooooo albs bacher , waaaaay madreeeee

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My day with Zain with Pictures

I was invited with the bloggers to attends the final rehearsal of Zain 's play : zain 3alam jameel , I am not that kind of person who is fine get along  with anything related to children , when  i hang out with my niece I take her to grown ups places,  cafes and restaurants  . Therefore attending such a thing was really new to me with the kids .

I took my niece and nephew with me , I have been threaten them all the way there  to behave well or I will take them back home :p I am the evil aunt I know that .

It was the rehearsal , so I was expecting some missing or uncompleted elements .

I am not doing that as a marketing , I am telling you  my own opinion , the play was a beautiful world .

Amazing , everything was exciting :) the lighting , the performance and the actors were perfect , as if I am watching a professional musical.

The technical issues need to be improved or maybe they need  a bigger stage .

 Furthermore,  the songs were amusing and  full of morals  , kids were really enjoying everything , thanks to Heba Hamada for her great classy job , sorry Heba but I can't believe that Bo Kareem , and this play, were written by the same person .

little devils

I had a fabulous time , thanks to zain , i am so happy that I meet some of the bloogers Ansam , Alnoury, amatraveler :)

special thanks to Mr.Mohamad Almuhaini  :)

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zain , it's a wonderful world

Just arrived , from zain play :)

What can I say more ?? Zain 3alam jameel

I will post about it later , must get ready for fo6oor

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hurricane irene

Oh my God, natural disasters freaks me out really, Yarab I hope everything will be fine there, it is scary.
I was searching on tumblr –My new obsession – and look what people are posting about :

" To add on to the noises of things slamming against my house is my guinea pig squeaking
:( My poor baby is petrified "

"There is two feet of water in my basement. X_X"
"We're sleeping in the kitchen because there's scaffolding several feet away from our windows and a ton of power tools and ladders scattered below"

Prayers and thoughts are with you guys

Where am I going today ??

Stay tuned for my post ;)

Halth camp by Dar alshifaa

I noticed that these camps are increasing in Kuwait !! What do you think ?

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New blog on the block :)

Every time I know that there is a new life style blog , I got really excited :) more blogs out there , mean more and various posts , news and different opinion

Check this new blog , by a lovely Kuwaiti girl in her 20s ;)

Link : Life and the Living blog

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Dance , with The Dancing Necklace

Shopping shopping and more shopping , and i did nothing for Eid :P

all what i did , i bought that lovely necklace from Hadeya station made by Ibrah

look at this fashionable amazing piece ( Dancing Necklace )  , i will wear it with a blouse , wide legged pant and i am ready to celebrate EID enshalah

sometime one piece can create the perfect outfit ;)

 you buy the same necklace :

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thayeg khlige , I am fat

I am gaining weight , if you are a regular reader of my blog you know how is it important for me to be in shape , and how do I struggle with gaining weight so fast :(

All what I need is to loose 5 to 8 KG , I hate dieting , and I don't exercise :(

I want to be like those skinny girls who eat as much as they want and the don't gain half Kilo . I used to be like that when I was at college , but know ingrain weight even when I am breath :(

I love to shop , and dress up , but with all that weight gaining I feel not in the mood to do so :(

JJ is encouraging me to workout more , I hope I will

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T shirts , 7ag el3eed

I love everything by fortune cookie , I am loyal costumer , every Ramathan I buy my dress from them . Moreover the shirts and more lovely stuff

For Eid they are having unique lovely t-shirt


Ambeeh 7looo the 2nd one

fortune cookie Olympia mall
blog :
twitter: fortunecookieq8

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The week's most popular post

The week's most popular post is

Katie Holes and H&M will u wear the same for Eid ?

Katie Holmes wearing an H&M skirt in NYC from the fall collection.  She wore it to her “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” press conference.

Ok and I don’t know why some girls keeps telling me la teshtreen from h&m for Eid ?? if I loved the piece I can attach it with a designer top , shoes and bags o ra7 t9eer elbadlaa style !! 9a7 ??

Official Kim's photos


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I can't wait

I hate the idea of waiting , in lines , waiting for appointment , phone call , news or whatever

In general , I hate waiting for something to come , I am acting normally but I am pissed off

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Hejab Queens :)

This gifts are here

Thank you very much for participating in the Hejab giveaway contest, You are the queens of this year and enshalah next year more than 5  giveaways will be there .

Special thanks to the sponsor of this contest

here is a link to

"For natural face body and hair Products ! 
its made with perfect organic oils& seeds
Facials , Body scrubs , Bath Bombs, Lip  Scrubs and, Hair treatments "

Contact them : 
Mobile : 65609656

I would like to thank Sketchq8 for his amazing logo that he made , Thank you


Love you my friends

 i don't know why they did that , i entered my office and i found a lovely Carolina Herrera gift bag .
i have been so emotional these days , so once i read the card my tears fall down  .
it was a lovely clutch , i loved it so much .
thanks girls , you are always there for me  :*

Life after Marriage ,Reached over 1000 page views

Yes for the first time , I reached over 1000 page views :)

Thank you all my friends , my loyal readers

My blog is not professional , not a job , my blog is my baby , who grow with me and am taking care of it .

My blog is my magazine and I am the editor .

My blog is the book of my Life after marriage

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Be part of The beauty Spot Expo

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Babchee :"") Louboutin's Portrait-Inspired Fall 2011 Lookbook

waaayed waayed 3ajbnee :) akeed everything by Louboutin will take my breath away ;) but i love this fall lookbook , the looks are inspired by classic portrait paintings and features recreations of iconic works .






Random post

Bored woman on sofa

It`s is been almost a month, and I am acting like an old lady, all what I am doing is staying at home, enjoying my hot cup of tea!!

Maybe because I gained some weight!! I know myself, if I didn`t look good the way I wanted, I will not feel happy. I am suffering from  Low self-esteem I am not leaving the house even for shopping, which is something strange !!! .

I am thinking after work I will pass by the avenues, maybe I will get my shopping talent back I feel kind of dathraa  : (  

From newq8bride's book of Love

I miss you .

I know you are there but I can't stop missing you

All what I am doing is to pray for you , and asking God to keep growing the love between us .

Allah ykhaleek lee

In Ramathan , it's hard to keep track with your lover .

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Monday, August 22, 2011

OG , the Perfect choice for your Princes , and U

العيد قرب و ادري كلها جم يوم و تبدا لويه التجهيز .

Eid is coming soon , I know all of you will be busy on the few days preparing , but did you heard of OG ??

ا الصالون متخصص حق البنات الصغار بشكل خاص لكن يقدم خدمات للكبار بعد . مثل السشوار و التسريحات و مانيكير و بيديكير و اعمال الصالون المختلفه

OG saloon specialized in girls and women hairstyling , cutting , hair color and nails services,moreover  their colorful stylish decoration  makes you smile once you step in .

Every Mondays , they present some beauty courses such as makeup course, facial and skin treatment course and more that you can attend for free after collecting some points .

الشي الحلو انه كل اثنين يقدمون دورات مختلفه عن الميك اب و البشره و غيرها ، تقدر للوحده انه تدخل الدوره مجانا بعد ما تجمع عدد
 معين من النقاط

I was invited for the opening , the atmosphere was girly and comfortable .
I didn't try any of the services yet , unfortunately , but they offered me a 50% off coupon and 30 % off from their photo studio , yes they do have a photo studio .

مثل ما قلت أنا انعزمت على الافتتاح الديكورات وايد تشوق و بناتيه ، ما مداني اسوي شي امس بس عطوني كربون خصم ٥٠% على كل اعمال الصالون و ٣٠ ٪ على التصوير ، اي عندهم تصوير ووايد يشوق .

Take a look at the place :

If you have any product that you want to shoot , don't hesitate to call and take appointment form their professional photographer

اذا عندكم اي منتجات تبون تصورونها لا تترددون أنكم تدقون و تاخذون موعد

Here are some gerge3an shoot

هذي جم صوره من صور القرقيعان

لا يطوفكم الحين مسوين عرض ب ٢٠ دينار ٤ اعمال

OG saloon is located at Al- shaab albahry , next to villa Fayroz

Contact no : 55500713

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Share with Me

Hey girls , are you done for Eid ??? I don't know what to get and what to wear !

I love getting new outfit for Eid , so did find anything there for Hejab , stylish and fashionable

Share your shopping experience with me please ;) I will be grateful

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More about Kim's wedding


Weee3 hatheel shnoo ? You the guests that u don't want to invite to your wedding but u have 2 !!!!!

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