Friday, July 08, 2011

When you start your Day with cupcakes :)

That what i call  a Perfect weekend , as you know from my previous posts that i getting attached to JJ in a way that i don`t want him to leave me and spend weekends with his friends anymore , which is of course a big mistake and that's wrong , trust me . This weekend he left , and i spend the night at my place . i feel that , God i do need a break !! , i woke up late , prepare a coffee , and here i am enjoying the silence , working on my blog , and thinking of new ideas to decorate my livingroom .

i feel that i am back to Me again :) enjoying the "Me time" .

God i love it i really do . TGIF :)

jj was so patient with me , he was knowing that it was a phase and i am not trying to control him or changing his life system .

The CupCakea are from OneMoreBite

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