Monday, July 11, 2011

Random post

I am unbelievable , walah , taking sick leaves almost every week , i don`t know why i am not in the mood to go to work . I know it is summer , and the work is somewhat dull and boring , but this is not the first time ??

I am going on a leave starting on the first day of Ramadhan , i have to admit it i cant go to work while i am fasting ,  specially in the summer .

Iwant to stay home ,  that what i wanted to do . My living room is almost done , and now i am just thinking of the decorations , my new concept of interior designing ( as if  i am a pro :P ) that  i will not add any picec that Iam not going to use , nothing will be there to collect dusts !!

Iam looking for console table , that comes with drawers , one for me and the other for jj so once we enter the apartment our keys, ipods , cameras will placed there inside the drawers , i don`t want to see anything thrown out there .

i am not in a hurry so i will keep looking .

After writing this post , i will dress up to meet the girls at the avenues , looking forward to try shake shak ;) lets see what will happen .

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