Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Oh my God i want that dollhouse !!!

World’s most expensive dollhouse costs $500,000
by Coleen Moore
Dollhouse most expensive
look at the dining room !!!
The Kitchen
The Great Hall
The Princess Bathroom
The Princess Bedroom
The Prince Bathroom
this Castle is shown at the Museum of Science + Industry, Chicago.
''Ms. Coleen Moore came to known as a prominent actress in an era of silent movies, but is also known for her taste in miniature pieces of art. Her dollhouse called Fairy Castle certainly stands out as one, with its detailed craftsmanship of various parts of the house with precious gemstones, including its 12 parts comprising of the drawing room, great hall, the chapel, library, princess’s bathroom and bedroom, prince’s bathroom and bedroom, the attic and the magic garden''.

اي اي اذكر ايام بيت الباربي المشتطة اللي لما نضغط الجرس يشب الليت يعني كشخه !!!!!
why the only dollhouse we got was the Barbi House ??? it was a trend i guess offf i hate Barbi by the way
i`ve never been to the state before , i hope enshalah one day i will go there with JJ . so Visit  The Museum of Science + Industry, will be added to the list :)
ok JJ ;)


Anonymous said...

LoOoL! Tha7akteeni 3ala ayam elBarbie..


Ironically.. I know not related in the same way bs.. tetthakerain le3bat Barbie on SEGA? LOL 6ool elyoom 3ala bali and I'm ordering it!

swera said...

allaaaaaah! I wanna own this! Amazzzzing :D

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

It's awesome !!!!!!!!

NewQ8 Bride said...

Slashy : looool Barbi el sega ambeeh tyanin 3adeet-ha kilhaa waay shl6areee

Swera: eeeee I feel it is like a dream

Yaaah eshweg like a fairytale castle