Monday, July 25, 2011

Newq8bride @ Bloggers Gathering

A week ago , after the operation , i woke up at 2 a.m . I couldn't sleep , the hospital were offering a Wifi connection . My iPad was with me , thanks God , because jj was sleeping and he was not even talking to me when I tried to wake him up , poor guy I know he was tired .

I was checking my e-mail , and I found an e-mail from Bloggers Gathering , I was praying that they were not arranging any event or else soon because I can't move or walk . Thankfully the were calling for a registration day and it will be on the 25th - 26th of July .

JJ encouraged me to go , I was really scared that I may feel tiered , but if it's only a registration , why not .

Today evening , I went to The Regency hotel , the meeting was there at the Seham ballroom , thumps up guys an excellent choice I love it . Why??? My wedding was there ;)

The registration table

check my blog in my ipad :P filling out the registration form

Any way , I believe this gathering will be a big well organized formal event ,  I feel everything was well planned , and the organizers were so friendly and helpful . I am really happy that I applied with them , to be honest I have never been invited to any blogging / bloggers event before !

So enshalah this event will be the one ;) and I know I waited for the best .

Of course JJ ( khatha eljaw ) o Ana a7treet :p there was that tv channel and one of the guys knows him and starts presenting him o madree shnoo ;)

go JJ ;)

So everyone who was there and will attending the opening event , I will be more than happy to meet you .

Special thanks to the organizers : Abdulrazag Buhijji , Rahaf Al Anjiri and Khalil Al Hamar . Wish you all the best guys .

see you there :)

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Bloggers Gathering said...

Thank you for your post.

BeRo0Q8 said...

thats very niice :D
inshalla tomorrow i'll go sign :D
looking forward to meet you in thier events :D

Unknown said...

And as usual, I wasn't invited. ;/