Friday, July 29, 2011

My heart is burning

I know there is nothing to make me feel jealous , I trust you ,


I am jealous , I am jealous from your friends , I am jealous from your work , I am jealous from your car , from everything that you touch , hold , talk and gaze other than me

I am jealous

I admit it

I can't control my feelings sorry love

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

O babe .

i-Found said...

im sorry i might shouldnt comment on this post but ...
anyways too much jealousy will ruine ur life so keep it cool get busy doin anything so u keep control .. wish u a goodluck :)

mimi said...

I know how u feel i do .. Just breathe and take a cold shower .. Try not to allow urself to feel this way alot becuz it will only grow bigger and someone might get hurt

U r so romantic new bride :) bs el shay lama yzeed 3an 7ada yengeleb '9eda dont forget that sweety :*

ساره النومس said...

be normal grl :)

life is simple :p you're in love honey <3

Ra-1 said...

Dont show him that!!
A guy like to feel that you are okay with leaving him have his own life, things you are not involved in.
I know it makes you miss him sometimes or feel lonely, but you wont be feeling this way when you keep yourself busy with your hobbies, friends, etc.
Trust me he will appreciate it and love you more :)