Monday, July 04, 2011

The Makeover Part 2

Yesterday , JJ called while I was at work to inform me that the wallpaper's guy was working in the living room JJ was already there so i asked him : Ha basher how is it ?? he said , when you come back , you will see it by yourself .
I don’t know why I was worried; When i arrived he was at the gym. Once i lied my eyes on the wallpapers ,

Tears were rising in my eyes and I started to cry

I cried?? I am so sensitive these days so sensitive that I couldn`t stop myself sopping , and yes over a wall paper . The image of the woman who lived in this place was the typical housewife with her apron cleaning the dusts .

No , that wallpaper was a big mistake , a big fat mistake .

I texted him that i didn`t like it at all , then I felt sorry and I started blaming myself .
he had been cool to me on the phone when he called later . which made me feel worse , i didn’t want to be that spoiled , overweening girl who don't care about her man's time and money .

He told me it will be changed , he got mad because I am not telling him the truth .So we wentto Abyat and  I found what I really wanted  , I am looking for a modern , super modern style , no flower patterns . I want something that makes me chic.

 don’t laugh on me but that`s how I feel regarding colors and places, really affects my mood and i realted them to my look

so we ordered the wallpaper rolls , enshaalah they will be delivered after 20 days .

i will show you the final look soon enshalah


AMA Traveler said...

ee khlaaa9 ! its not your style so tears wee out mn elnathra eloula ;) can't wait for the new one !

Ra-1 said...

We bought all our wallpaper from Abyat. Great choice :)

Unknown said...

I can relate to this
I cry over anything lately
I hope u find what describes u the best

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

The one line wallpaper disply cannot give u the truth picture of the wallpaper as its on a full wall.
try google something like (flower pattern wallpaper) to see how it looks like on a whole room.
you can't go wrong with mixing strips and plains. :) or even patterns with plains :)
abyat and home&gardens have a great collection
no worries, this is ur Kingdom and you Can do whatever however to it ;)