Tuesday, July 05, 2011

LivingRoom makeover Part ?!?!?!? with Pic

The Delivery of the new wallpaper will be after a month approximately  , enshalah , i don`t think i can make it anymore  with all these chairs , cushions ,  routers and boxes full of books and other stuff that i don`t know  ! laying in my bed room .

i asked JJ to move back , still i am not done with the curtains and accessories , but at least we are going to watch TV again , ye we spent  more than a week with no TV :P

People have different tastes , and my style regarding decorations and colors is shocking and edgy  . Not everyone will accept my style , but i think that it represents my personality , and thanks God JJ have the same style , the modern- masculine  style

here are some photos :
tra still ma khl9t mn waayed things the wall papers , the lightings

Mom said the color looked like a concrete wall .  Mom-in-law said she felt that she was entering a garage :P so cute both of u girls , we love you but we have  a different style .


Unknown said...

that's different
i like it

mimi said...

As long as you two are doing what makes you feel comfortable .. don't wait for other people's approval

just one advice .. get something green (a plant) something that doesn't die quickly .. it's an amazing way to have some fresh air

remember school ? plants breathe in CO2 and gives us oxygen ..

since you guys are edgy in taste, you can find alot of edgy looking plants :)

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Just my own openion, U need to ease down the dark gray with wall decorations, like shelves for ur books, ako edgy wierd designs for shelves,mix with wall arts. and u need a light colored sofa, the Orange with the gray is strong. red is lovely! I loved the woden chair bs 9ij chenna inside maki <3 . a total transformation of the living room. ya36eech el3afya.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Samaher Tariq : thanks dear :*

Mimi : I will enshalah , thanks a lot , although I don't like taking care of plants :p lazy lazy

ruby_Gloom :

I have a book closet but I didn't capture it , my sofas are red but I am not a good photographer lool

Thanks a lot dear