Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kuwaiti Couples (5)

Apple Fever

They were arguing :

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : Blaaah blaah blaaah

Mr.Kuwaiti : Blah blah blah

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : Blaaah blaah blaaah

Mr.Kuwaiti : Blah blah blah
After 10 Minutes
Couples in 2011 end their arguments with that phrase

دائما الجمله اللي تنقال نهاية كل هوشة

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : عطني آيبادي هده الحين
Give me my Ipad now
Mr.Kuwaiti : مابي No

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : give it to me it's mine اووووف آيبادي ابيه

Mr.Kuwaiti : مابي No way

The End :P

look how life's priorities changed


Anonymous said...

looool!! this is actually happening with my parents!! i think they're BOTH going through menopause with their ipads in hand!!

Anonymous said...

hi newq8 bride,
i've been a silent reader of yours for quite some time now, i find you really sweet, honest and modest, hence that's why i thought i'd ask you..
i really want to now how marriage is in kuwait, i am kuwaiti but i'm embarrassed to say that i have no idea how the culture is around here, my parents lived abroad and married also abroad therefore they are just as clueless as I, and i've been in an english school and mingle with nonkuwaitis for the majority of my life, i know your blog is named life after marriage, but i was wondering how is life just before marriage?? so i was suggesting, that is if you have the time, if you can do a mini series of posts of the "etiquette of marriage" here in kuwait, as in min um il9bay idig 3ala bait ilbint to the 56ba milcha, 3rs etc all the teeny tiny details such as when should the mother of the bride answer back, what to do in the 56ba when to appear what to wear what to itqadim, do you get what i mean? and different scenarios of how things can be managed, than you sooo much in advance, and plz do not post this comment, i just wrote it for you cuz i have no idea how to contact you.

Anonymous said...

This is a helpful blog when it comes to life after marriage.
You can also check out q8yat .com where you can find every. single. detail. about everything that has to do with marriage. There's a thread about khu6ba and khu6ba-fails to be specific. Very informative and fun to read. But it's all in Arabic.
Bs 7abait asa3id :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anonymous: looool cute, my parents are acting differently , dad is showing off that he knows a lot in the internet and he is the expert :P

Anonymous : Oh hhhh , so sweet of you write such a lovely comment , enshalah enshalah I will try my best to write a useful post regarding the marriage steps in Kuwait , although I am sure that it is really different between families . enshalah stay tuned dear .

Anonymous : Thank you so much dear for considering my blog as a useful blog , regarding personally I don`t like it , it gives negative signals while reading it ,that what happened to me .

Thank you again

mimi said...

i'm sorry i saw this comment and i couldn't help not to comment here ? i call it "3agad land"
(sorry i just do) and it doesn't represent all Kuwaiti women because it will just be unfair to them .. i always feel bad after reading something in that forum because as new bride said it really is full of negativity and nothing is actually solved and no one is fully educated in there so they have no idea what they're talking about (bel 3arabi tefelsef 3al faa'9i)

the only thing that i liked in that website is the cooking recipes and kitchen secrets nothing else :p

and anonymous#3 i'm not trying to talk against you (plz dont be mad) but i've been through a hard time and seeking help through made my life even worse so it's not against you *hug* .. i'm against that stupid website lol

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous 3
And I do agree with both of you. Some people on that website are just plain ignorant and negative. But that is the FUN part. It makes me laugh sometimes. That's why I said it was fun to read. Nevertheless, it offers inside info on what really happens in these occasions (khu6ba, melcha,..).
Ya3nee if you are totally clueless (like what I used to be once), you can find in-depth info. A shocking reality. The real deal.
IDK... that's just my opinion and how I see it. I was just trying to help anon2.
* shout out to aon2: Sweety, you have been warned! lol :P
Take everything you read on there with a grain of salt. And DO NOT let it ruin your positive energy. Marriage is what you make it<<<
*light bulb* Why don't we create a source that talks about these thingsss?!?! ^_^