Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am fine el7mdelah but I need Help

Thank you everybody for asking about me , I am fine and am back home :)

Did u miss me ;p

For this first time in my life , I went under full anesthesia , so after waking up in PACU , my sister entered to see me and she told me that the first thing I asked her was : How do I look ??? How is my hair !!!!

Oh God am I that shallow :p ?? I didn't mention that I went to the hair saloon to blow dry my hair before my surgery :p I don't want my Kesha to scare everyone :p

thanks God I am fine , I need to rest for almost 10 days

I need help from you girls , places to go directly and get Ramdhan dresses . I didn't buy anything yet

Also if found any thing for Eid

Waiting for your recommendations

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Hope said...

eSalam 3laikom
Alf el7emdella 3la slamtech, ajer o 3afyah InShallah =]
I'm not sure I can help U with Ramadan clothing as I'm not that type of girls who prep sth special for Ramadan ;p but why not try 52Degrees I heard they had some nice dara3as
anyhow, I'm sure the girls ma ra7 yga9roon =]

mimi said...

el7mdella 3ala el salama new bride :*

As for you Ramadan shopping it's really hard to find an online website with delivery that you can order from :/ most of them are in exhibitions but you can't leave the house right ?

As for Eid shopping you have time after you finish your 10 days rest to go shopping or you can shop online while you're still in bed.

OR .. you can escape from eid shopping and travel somewhere with jj ;)

dalal said...

hai new bride rl7imdlah ur fine 7mdlah 3al salamah most of ramadan dara3as and eid shopping i just recived a bc and they say its nice and girls who have the exhibition have style so try passing by its in nuzha block 1 street altha3albi house 17 phone 60077492 from 24th to 28th of this month from 5.30 -9pm
and you can also check alyaa designs maybe u'll like it check this link
and there is many in face book just take your time and search

Anonymous said...

Hello :) get well soon ! I agree with hope ! you can get your Ramadan kaftans from 52 Degrees and also you may find nice Ramadan gifts for your mom there :) also check FA gallery near Amiri hospital and Karisma for Ghazil elbanat in bait Sedra there is this home accessories shop that sell really cute bamboo like trays with wonderful colors got my mom one two years ago but still rocks ;) ! and last but not least
last but not least ! one of the most amazing Ramadan collections is Fortune cookie boutique in Olympia ;) good luck !

Standy said...

7amdillah 3ala salamtik.. matshoofy shar..glad to hear your ok..

wallah you made me laugh,, aham shay how do i look and is my hair fine looool.. your funny =)