Saturday, July 16, 2011

The hardest question ,اصعب سؤال

اول شي هذا الموضوع حق الوناسه مابي احد يزعل

This post is for fun , so please don't get mad

سألت هذا السؤال من فتره في تويتر و حصلت على اجابات احسها حللت الشخصيات و الحين راح اسأل مره ثانيه و راح أحط كل الإجابات في بوست ثاني

I asked a question long time ago in twitter , and I got some answers the showed my the personalities of the the people who answered me

السؤال :

أكيد كلنا نعرف ليلى و الذيب ؟؟ أكيد الكل يعرف القصه اذا مو حافظينها بعد

سؤالي : ليش يدة ليلى ( الجدة). عايشه بروحها بره القريه ؟

يالله ابي اجابات

The question : all of you know the story of the little red riding , why does her granny live out of the village ? I bet there is a reason

Please give some answers it's really fun what are you thinking about

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Anonymous said...

She is a loner? She is a lonely old lady and got to this point after losing her husband who used to be her only best friend. So she l
Chose to live lonely, alone and on her own. Away from her own family and the people of the village. Also, she doesn't want to be compared to other women because she thinks she is better than them. I mean, she doesn't have to be like everybody else just to fit in. She doesn't want to feel like she is nothing but a burden on her family Just because she got older. She is still young at heart. I mean who cares? ... As long as she gets free food delivered by Layla! Besides, she enjoys her cat's company. So she is not exactly alone.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anony : Thanks alot for your comment :) stay tuned for my post

mimi said...

Old ladies are stubborn lol .. they probably asked her to move to the villiage but she doesn't want to leave the house and all of its beautiful memories behind

or maybe she has too many shoes to move and back then they didn't have pack and move sevirces lol :p kidding

Anonymous said...

maybe she likes a quite place to enjoy the rest of her life away from noisy neighbors and want some privacy