Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily stuff

I know people your getting bored about my recovery posts , but that is my life now , I am not doing anything else .

I've been emotional , sensitive and daloo3a since I left the hospital . All what I am looking for is to spend more time with my family and jj

I told dad , that after the feeling of loosing everything , I thought I might be dead actually :p I want to spend my time with him and mum , so I asked him that every summer I have to travel with both me them , like old days , but I want to be alone , only me . Yes I am selfish , I don't want my sis or my brothers with us .

I want to be the spoiled girl , I want to be spilled by them . Don't you think I deserve that ;)

Daddy loved the idea , I guess he wishes that both of us will be back together just like before . Gosh I miss him .

Sure my beloved prince JJ is my number one love ( I know he reads my posts ) but also I need to be spoiled by daddy

So enshalah I'll keep working to plan a trip on November enshalah , yah he said everything is on him ;)

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mimi said...

We're never bored reading you posts new bride :*
this is ur space and we are your fans :)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Best of luck !

BeRo0Q8 said...

al7mdallaah 3ala slaamtch :** hope u feel better now :D