Friday, July 15, 2011

Bas mood

I mean bad mood :p

I guess some of you , friends , twitter followers noticed how desperate I am .I am in a situation that makes me so nervous , there is a decision ,i have to make now , there is no time left .

I am not pregnant , I've been asked a lot today , but there is a medical decision I have to accept sooner or later .

Offf I can express my feeling because I am not anonymous anymore , so I don't want any more drama .

I am in a bad mood , please everybody forgive me .

Few years ago when I was trying to get pregnant , I tried to hide my real feelings from my loved ones , I was not sad that it didn't happen , I was hating myself , because I gained so much weight . That is why I am not thinking to go back to treatment again .

My problem is that my mood reflects on me , I can't see anything beautiful , I eat to much and cry with no reason

I am sorry again
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Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم يا عروس
بالنسبة لمسألة اتخاذ القرار:
يفضل عدم اتخاذ أي قرار في لحظة انفعال. صدي عن الموضوع شوي و ريحي بالج و انشغلي بشي يشعرج بالإيجابية. ثم دعي القرار يأتي بتلقائية بنفسه. و لا تنسي الاستخارة و الدعاء بإخلاص.
حددي أولوياتك و اعرفي ما تريدينه من الحياة.
Don't make things seem serious or scary by worrying about them. Be calm and detatched from earthly things. (2moor dunyaweyah).
No need to be sorry. Nobody got hurt here... it is OKAY to feel moody sometimes. We are women. We understand what we have to go throuh. Stuff like PMS, PMDD, Menopause can really mess with our attitude.
Repeating negative phrases like " I AM in a BAD mood" will not help with the situation. All you're doing is putting yourself in a more negative mood. Mara wa7da kafee. Even if you are still feeling down. Do not freak yourself out.
Some things in life are worth trying. Is gaining a little weight the worst thing that could happen? It's only temporary I guess... Besides, chubby women are cute!
Know that NO-BODY else matter right now but YOU and YOUR husband and your life AFTER marriage. After all, you can't go pleasing everyone.
Try writing out your feelings in a special diary. Or seek professional help if needed. Whatever makes YOU happy.
:) May Allah bless you.

shaimaa85 said...

CHi new bride , don't be sad 7bibty , and be sure that everything gone be ok, i know what ur going thru now cuse i i'v been their and tried it all , so u should know that ur mood is the most important thing in this whole jurney, so u should be relaxed all the time , and try to do more fun stuf to forget all about it , and i advice to visit dr. Human fatmy in royal hayat hospital , he is a graet doc and u ganna see, i went to him after the doctores toled that ther is no hope cuse i have an Endometrial migratory and it's a rare diseases, ow el 7emdelaa im helthy now , so please give him a try. 

Anonymous said...

NEVER LOSE HOPE!!! wallah never do, take it from me, i know, oky i'm still 17 but i was my parents miracle. After 12 years my parents had me, ra7aw kil mukan 3shn et3aljon, ra7aw America, London, 7awalaw bel Kuwait w kel mukan forn 12 years kel il a6ba galw ena its not possible for them to have a baby i was the first a6fal il anabee;p jarabw ab umy w 7mealt feeny ga3b'ha sawaw a6fal anabeeb bel kuwait w i have sisters too, my parents never lost hope kanw kela yad3oon till i came, so wallah don't lose hope, everything is possible. ely ahaly after 12 years yaboonyy, ya3nii for 12 years w uhma e3aljoon min 6abeeb le 6abeeb min mustashfa le mustashfa min dera le dera min 3elaj le 3elj min ta7aly w ect. ely allah katba be9er inshallah, w inshallah allah erzagich, btw my mum kinda 9arat nuw3n ma expert eb hal mawthoo3 etha ur interested i think i can give you her e-mail. anyways hope you the best w don't lose hope

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

sweetie el 6ib yet6awwar wayed kil cham shahar ba3ad mu sneen. I know those medication makes u block water in torso area more than any other body part, with right supplement and the right work out u can even out the equation and not gain weight. read on line about it, etha bs hal salfa ele raditich from trying tara el 7al sahil ! ;) cheeeeeeer

Hope said...

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

حبيبتي، الله يهون عليج و ايسر امرج
استخيري، و تذكري ان الخيره فيما اختاره الله
و ان شاء الله ما راح يصير الا اللي يفرحج و يسعدج و الله بيعطيج على قد نيتج

ترى العيال مو كل شي بالدنيا
اعرف زوجين صارلهم اكثر من 30 سنه مع بعض و ما عندهم عيال، تعالي شوفيهم شكثر يحبون بعض، و على الرغم من الضغوطات اللي من جانب الاهل ولا احد فيهم رضخ

& don't hide your feelings, never do, it's not good for your health, if your angry then be angry, you're only human & there's a limit to how much you can take

انتي وكلي امرج لله و ما يصير الا كل خير ان شاء الله

Expat and the City said...

I'm sending you lots of love because your post broke my heart. I pray that all of your wishes will come true very soon. Have you thought about adoption? I know it's not my business but I think adoption is the most beautiful gift you can give a family. xoxo

mimi said...

7abebty new bride i know and totally understand what u r going through .. My advice is whatever u r going to do keep it a secret between u and jj TRUST ME on that one .. The more u tell people the more pressure u will expose urself to and it will be the only thing u talk about and people ask u about .. U may think that it's not a big deal but trust me it is

If u need to talk u have my email :*