Sunday, July 03, 2011

Back to work

Here I am back to work after my 2 weeks –doing-nothing vacation , to my surprise , I enjoyed it , I guess I need that kind of vacation , to stay at home , watching movies , sleeping and of course eating :P

Telling you about my 1st day , I woke up with the mood of attacking everyone :P jj hates me in the morning , I am an evil witch .

I have to work hard, I must lose that weight I gained, I don`t mind doing anything, even if it is not healthy, I am looking for slimming pills or anything but I know nothing will work for me, I feel my body is exhausted from the pills I used before, yah they worked perfectly but I don`t think I will get any results now.

Enshalah I will start a diet a plan, at least to lose fro 2-3 kilos before Ramadan

Enshalah I will do it

Enshalah ;) tomorrow will be much better

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swera said...

i hate going back to work after a nice vacation at home :/