Monday, July 18, 2011

3 A.M post

I don't sleep early , and I love staying awake all night , read , play games , post and tweet .

Tonight is different , I can't sleep , I wish I fall into deep sleep but I can't .

I discovered that I don't like people to see me in my weakness , if I amsick , or in the hospital . I just can't .

JJ is an exception , all what I want from him is to hold my hand , and yeh he is good at it

I can't thank you enough love , I hope everything will be fine .

Yes I am a sacred chicken :p

Alaah ysahel

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ناعمة الهمس said...

الله يشافيج و يعافيج :)

Hope said...

Everything will be o.k bethn Allah
Allah ysahel amrech, o mafeech ella el.3afyah inShallah

Butterfly Chick said...

I dunno what u r going through.. but everything will be okay inshalla :)..

Hope u get well soon dear