Sunday, July 31, 2011

مبارك عليكم الشهر

مبارك عليكم الشهر جميعا الله يقدرنا على صيامه و قيامه

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Habba for the Winter (NO NO )

christian dior coyote trousers Fashion Crime? Christian Diors Coyote trousers

No NO NO plz ma nabeee !!!

ambeeh 3asaa ma aheb feehaa walah :P

Christian Dior’s Coyote trousers

The price : £1,190. lool no way

Officially , I am a member

Yes Offically

Who is going to be there on the first gathering ????

"Life after Marriage" is on July’s Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa

Thanks to Danderma  for her hard work :)

i am still there :)

No : 61

Thank you Thank you , my loyal readers

Love you all

More Ramathan Spirit , Mum`s Gift

أول شي كل عام و انتم بخير و مبارك عليكم الشهر جميعا

Happy Ramathan Everyone

انشالله تكونون خلصتوا التجهيزات و الهدايا و النفانيف !! و الله العظيم انا السنه اكثر سنه لويه مرت علي ،

هديه امي الحبيبه خليتها لآخر لحظة كنت قاعده اسولف بتويتر و ما كنت مقرره شنو اخذ .

انا احب اشتري شي يكون وايد مودرن ، و امي حاولت اطلع منها شنو بخاطرها ماكو ما عرفت منها شي

انا كنت حاطه فبالي اني اشتري لها من

ووحده من البنات بتويتر بعد اقترحت علي نفس الشي الله يعافيها ذكرتني عاد امس رحت الرايه و خذيت لها هالبوكس اللي فيه 6 انواع 3 موالح و 3 كاكو

I hope all of you are done from all your preparations for Ramathn , the dresses , gifts and other stuff , this year is the most hectic year for me in the preparations

I left Mum`s gift till the end , I love to get modern stuff which I do every year , so I was talking about it in twitter and my dear friend thanks to her @Ruby_Glooom remaineded me of lazurd

Yesterday I went to Alraya and I got her this lovely Box that contains 6 Kinds

sorry for the poor quality of the images :)

The Week's most popular post

The week's Most popular post is
يمعة بنات مشرف

Mishref girls gathering

Friday, July 29, 2011

ما تطبخين ؟؟؟؟ مو سنعه

I am not sure if I have to write this post in Arabic , I mean in Kuwaiti accent so I can use the proper words because I am mad .

راح اكتب البوست بالكويتي عشان اقدر اعبر عن حرتي عدل

و إحنا صغار ، كانت الألعاب اللي يشترونها لنا أهلنا غالبا ما تكون لها علاقه بشغل البيت ، مثلا المطبخ اللي معاه بيضه ، او مكينه تنظيف ، ادوات خياطه او بيبي نقعد نربيها

انا كنت من البنات اللي ما يلعبون في هذي النوعيه من الألعاب ، لدرجه انه امي خافت علي انه فيني شي لأني ما احب العب في الدوولز اللي تكون بيبي نربيها ، اغلب العاب انه عندي محل ملابس او اقعد اسجل صوتي و انا اقول الاخبار و اسجل برامج ، كنت اغني و ارقص او اسوي مسرحيات

للأسف هذي الفكره اللي الأمهات يربون البنات عليها انها تكون ربه منزل ناجحه او " سنعه " مثل ما نقول بالكويت ، و بالذات موضوع الطباخ .

علاقتي مع الطباخ كلش مو طيبه . من اقول كلمه ما اطبخ ، نظرات العالم تييني جني مسويه جريمه. امي عندها اني مفشلتها جدام اهل زوجي .

ليش وايد نسمع مثل هالسالفه : سنعه و الريال يرد البيت وجبته جاهزه و قايمه فبيتها و عيالها و مسنعه له هالاكل و الحلويات و تطبخ له و مو ناقصه شي و راح خذا عليها ، او انها ما تكون سعيده بحياتها لانه ماكو شي عاجبه

هل الطباخ و الوجبه الجاهزه المسنعه اهو الشي الوحيد المهم ؟

طبعا كلامي مو تعميم بس لازم تتغير هالفكره بالمجتمع ، انا موخبيره و لا قاعده افرض كلامي بس من التجارب اللي حولي فهمت انه هالشي غلط
اللي تطبخ لانها تحب الطباخ ،،، هذا موضوع ثاني

لازم الشخصين يعرفون شنو اللغه اللي يتفاهمون فيها مع بعض ، مثلا وحده تتفاهم بلغه الطبخ و زوجها مو مهم عنده اصلا الاكل يمكن يقدر يأكل توسته و جبنه و بس ، هني راح تبدا الزوجه تفكر و تقول كل يوم اطبخ له و اتعب نفسي و هو مو حاس فيني ما يبين لي انه حاب الاكل و تبدا تزعل و يعافي يومها كله ، بالمقابل هذا الزوج ما يفكر بالاكل كثر ما همه الاول انه يشوف حبيبته بكامل نشاطها و حيويتها تقعد تسولف معاه ! و طبعا الاخت راح تكون تعبانه من الطبخه.

عشان جذي من فتره الخطبه لازم الشخصين يعرفون اهتمامات بعض و شنو المهم عند كل واحد فيهم .

و ان السنع ما ينقاس بالطبخ بس

وين الثقافه و الاسلوب ، وين للحكمه و التدبير ؟ اعتقد انه المراه الناجحه اللي اذا صارت لها ظروف في غياب زوجها تقدر تتصرف و تكون مسؤوله و الا تبون تقعد تحمس بصل ؟

رجاءا مو لازم الكل يعتبر اللي ما تطبخ مو سنعه لان ما تدرون شنو الصفات اللي فيها اللي مخليها ناجحه في زواجها

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My heart is burning

I know there is nothing to make me feel jealous , I trust you ,


I am jealous , I am jealous from your friends , I am jealous from your work , I am jealous from your car , from everything that you touch , hold , talk and gaze other than me

I am jealous

I admit it

I can't control my feelings sorry love

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The week's most popular post

The Week's most Popular post is :

A post with no title

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I am sleeping :D

It been ages since the time I had a proper good sleep , I did it last night I slept at almost 11 woke up at 5:00 a.m :)

Oh God I feel happy , now am trying to wake up JJ so he can join me for breakfast .

I know the reason , I didn't have dinner !! That's why I slept calmly

Yalaah trying to think where to have breakfast

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ديايتي بيضي ذهب

راح تتغير و تصير عطيني اتاري من ذهب


و الله انا شخصيا احس ما عنده سالفه اللي يشتريها

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The perfection of Chanel

A new line from Chanel for smaller accessories , The house of Chanel are always seeks to be unique and one of a kind ,
The line includes wallets, a coin purse, card holders, key holders, makeup bags, an iPhone case, and an iPad clutch.

Just perfect

The image is from purseblog

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Holiday kaftans @ Dia - boutique

Check the new kaftans , some times I buy some eye catching beach kaftans and wear them with jeans to hang out , they are perfect for Hejab style


My picks from Dia -boutique :

Ceylan Insel Milano

TALLULAH & HOPE Classic Short Cloud Pink/Gray Kaftan


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Ramathan Spirit

Here i am , i left the house today ;) el7mdelah . i need to finish all these Ramathan preparations.
I got my dress from Fortune Cookie , like i always do every year :P and then went with mom to get some stuff for Ramathan .

I am living with my husband`s family so i don`t have to prepare fo6oor , el7mdelaah ;) i hate cooking , but this year i am all in to Juices , because of the summer`s heat so check what i got for my after fo6oor juice time and Tea lazm :P  :

Moroccan tea cups : Mom got them for me from Mishref  Ramadan Food Exhibition .

- Black Glasses are from Zara Home

- Iced Carafe , i got 2 for my juice habba  . it is from a place in Althajej i don`t know what is called .

so now i need a tray , that is the only thing that left :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Blog on the Block from a Kuwaiti Ex-Mariner

He is an ex-marinerand he  have been sailing around the world for 15 years, now he is  settled in Kuwait and became interested in saving marine life .

Check his blog and if you like it spread to the world

Monday, July 25, 2011

Newq8bride @ Bloggers Gathering

A week ago , after the operation , i woke up at 2 a.m . I couldn't sleep , the hospital were offering a Wifi connection . My iPad was with me , thanks God , because jj was sleeping and he was not even talking to me when I tried to wake him up , poor guy I know he was tired .

I was checking my e-mail , and I found an e-mail from Bloggers Gathering , I was praying that they were not arranging any event or else soon because I can't move or walk . Thankfully the were calling for a registration day and it will be on the 25th - 26th of July .

JJ encouraged me to go , I was really scared that I may feel tiered , but if it's only a registration , why not .

Today evening , I went to The Regency hotel , the meeting was there at the Seham ballroom , thumps up guys an excellent choice I love it . Why??? My wedding was there ;)

The registration table

check my blog in my ipad :P filling out the registration form

Any way , I believe this gathering will be a big well organized formal event ,  I feel everything was well planned , and the organizers were so friendly and helpful . I am really happy that I applied with them , to be honest I have never been invited to any blogging / bloggers event before !

So enshalah this event will be the one ;) and I know I waited for the best .

Of course JJ ( khatha eljaw ) o Ana a7treet :p there was that tv channel and one of the guys knows him and starts presenting him o madree shnoo ;)

go JJ ;)

So everyone who was there and will attending the opening event , I will be more than happy to meet you .

Special thanks to the organizers : Abdulrazag Buhijji , Rahaf Al Anjiri and Khalil Al Hamar . Wish you all the best guys .

see you there :)

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ramdhan with One More Bite

Celebrate Ramadhan With One More Bite Cupcakes


3 trays stand filled with 70 pieces of cupcakes from their signature flavors :)

These cupcakes are Newq8bride's favorite cupcakes ;)

Check their Facebook page OneMorebite

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FAKE Christian Louboutin's from Saks Fifth Avenue

i was watching some youtube videos , you know part of my taying at home plan :P

i remembered  Lana  , i love to watch her videos , even though people attacked her alot , i liked her honesty and how she speakes openly about all the bags , shoes and stuff she has .

i found this video of her talking about a fake Louboutin she got from saks , i thought i would like to share it with you guys ooh i mean girls :P

Windows chips !


Looks funny

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily stuff

I know people your getting bored about my recovery posts , but that is my life now , I am not doing anything else .

I've been emotional , sensitive and daloo3a since I left the hospital . All what I am looking for is to spend more time with my family and jj

I told dad , that after the feeling of loosing everything , I thought I might be dead actually :p I want to spend my time with him and mum , so I asked him that every summer I have to travel with both me them , like old days , but I want to be alone , only me . Yes I am selfish , I don't want my sis or my brothers with us .

I want to be the spoiled girl , I want to be spilled by them . Don't you think I deserve that ;)

Daddy loved the idea , I guess he wishes that both of us will be back together just like before . Gosh I miss him .

Sure my beloved prince JJ is my number one love ( I know he reads my posts ) but also I need to be spoiled by daddy

So enshalah I'll keep working to plan a trip on November enshalah , yah he said everything is on him ;)

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Changing my mind about Coach

I don't like Coach handbags , i know that most of the brands have been under the Chinese factories knifes or needles . Coach replicas were spread all over the "aswag sha3bya" markets more than any brand .

This year , the new sophisticated designs were amazingly shocking !!! that I started to think of adding Coach to my shopping list .

And now

Gwyneth Paltrow is the new face of Coach in Europe & Asia

-Images via Vogue Taiwan

The collection is impressive 2 , what do u think my girls .? If u were like me , will u change your mind and get your Coach ?

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Friday, July 22, 2011

More recommendations , please

I am that lazy lady who is sitting at home and thinking about shopping :p because I did everything to keep my self busy , so everyday new ideas pops into my mind .

I was thinking of Ramdhan gifts for mom and my mother in law

My style is modern and both of them loved the gifts I gave them earlier , for example : last year I gave them Dean&Deluca box . Did you get the idea ??

I want something modern and classy

I will be waiting plz

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من قلبي

انقطاع عن الواقع و غوص في اعماق العالم الاخر ، تجربه غريبه اختبرتها للمرة الاولى في حياتي ، عشت في توتر و قلق لأيام قبل موعد العمليه ، التصق به و لا اريد ان ابتعد عنه ، بللت دموعي رقبته و هو نائم ، احتضنه كالطفل المعلق بظهر والدته التي تجوب صحارى افريقيا بحثا عن الزاد .

لم اجرؤ على البكاء أمامه ، فقد كان ينهاني و يدعوني الى الايمان بالله و ذكره باستمرار ، و لكني اعلم بان في داخل قلبه تقلبات امواج من القلق علي .

اخر ما اذكر بأني استغفرت و ذكرت الله و دعوت الله ان اراه مرة اخرى ، و غبت .

عند افاقتي لا اعلم لماذا كنت اكلم الممرض العربي باللغه الانجليزيه : بليز تيل ماي هزبند ام فاين بليز تيل هم و كررتها عده مرات ثم اضفت اند ماي فاميلي

رايت اختي ووالدي الذي كان يجهش بالبكاء ، ابتسمت . ما زلت ( حبيبه أبوها ) لم ارى امي و هو غير موجود

وين ج ؟؟

أخبرتني امي بانه ذهب للصلاة ، الى ان دخل علي و احسست بدفء يده

أغمضت عيني و استسلمت لبقايا تأثير المخدر

كل تجربه في حياتي تقربني اليه اكثر و اعلم بانه هو الانسان الصح ليكون حبيبي

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nothing like shopping

I am staying at home and nothing is killing me more than the temptation to shop , shopping is a stress and pain reliever I really need it now .

H&M color blocking trend are in stores now


I want to shop I really do

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am fine el7mdelah but I need Help

Thank you everybody for asking about me , I am fine and am back home :)

Did u miss me ;p

For this first time in my life , I went under full anesthesia , so after waking up in PACU , my sister entered to see me and she told me that the first thing I asked her was : How do I look ??? How is my hair !!!!

Oh God am I that shallow :p ?? I didn't mention that I went to the hair saloon to blow dry my hair before my surgery :p I don't want my Kesha to scare everyone :p

thanks God I am fine , I need to rest for almost 10 days

I need help from you girls , places to go directly and get Ramdhan dresses . I didn't buy anything yet

Also if found any thing for Eid

Waiting for your recommendations

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All for Children With H&M

This September, H&M will take its support for UNICEF/All for Children initiative with a special collection of fashionable, covetable clothes for kids. Available in 150 stores worldwide and also on-line, 25% of all sales from the All for Children collection will go directly to support UNICEF’s projects to promote children’s rights to education and protection among vulnerable communities. H&M and UNICEF launched the All for Children initiative in November 2009. It is a five-year project that is supported by a SEK 40 million (USD 4.5 million) donation from H&M and the project is now being extended from communities in southern India to also help children in Bangladesh.

H&M’s All for Children collection is full of playful and timeless pieces which parents as well as their kids will love. The collection has the subtlety of detail and design attention you’d expect from a full fashion collection, and always made with the child in mind.

The All for Children collection is made to be versatile, so the pieces can be mixed and matched and worn throughout the season and beyond. It’s also one to be coveted, with cashmere used throughout to provide comfort for when the colder weather comes in. Designs are updates of well-loved classics, giving them a contemporary twist. For girls there are dresses, skirts, shorts and gilets, with floral prints, bow-tie decorations and stripe trimmings, all in autumnal colours of nude, mole and coral. For boys, there are check shirts, sweat-pants and hoodies, cord blazers and the essential parka.

Funds raised by the collection will support the All for Children initiative, which aims to create long-term change for generations of children in some of the poorest parts of the world, where many of H&M’s clothes are made.

H&M will support UNICEF work to protect children’s rights in Bangladesh, which will help provide access to schools. We believe that children who learn how to read and write are better equipped to make informed choices about their future.

For more information about All for Children please contact:

Johny Rahal +965 2222860:


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A farewell from Retailer Therapy

God i am addicted to that game , the game will end on 16th August

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ramadan fashion preparations.

Paused .

 I always do that every year , I don`t buy a dress or whatever till the end .

This year I did the same but I didn`t expect that something is going to happened that will stop all my plans .

So I will be waiting till everything is done enshalah . Then I will run and treat my self with the perfect dress .

3 A.M post

I don't sleep early , and I love staying awake all night , read , play games , post and tweet .

Tonight is different , I can't sleep , I wish I fall into deep sleep but I can't .

I discovered that I don't like people to see me in my weakness , if I amsick , or in the hospital . I just can't .

JJ is an exception , all what I want from him is to hold my hand , and yeh he is good at it

I can't thank you enough love , I hope everything will be fine .

Yes I am a sacred chicken :p

Alaah ysahel

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

aakh ya galbee , Jimmy Choo Bond Street store has been robbed

Info from

there were some smash-and-grab robbers attacking luxury stores in the West End , Jimmy Choo was the latest .The thieves were escaping
"with £40,000-worth of handbags, but seemed to have left the shoes untouched."

walah good for them they left the shoes !!


Love everything by the GaGa

Yah I do love everything by her , consider me freak or whatever , I don`t care ;) she is unique
she launched her 2nd headphone from a line called Heartbeats,  Designed by Lady Gaga herself

Monster Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

Loved the studs . Price Tags : $149

Newq8bride Likes : Soap &Glory

Huda Beauty posted about Soap & Glory’s Sugar Scrub , and because I trusted her 100% regarding any beauty tip , I went to Boots to get me one .

My skin needs to be exfoliated especially after the tanning and thousand layers of self tanning , unfortunately I couldn`t find it , so I picked up another scrub from the same brand , which I love a lot .

Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em

Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em™

it works very good on my skin, and it will become soft, smooth and silky , and yes a natural sea salt have been used ( i tasted it walah ) :P come on i am not crazy but i just wanted to be sure :P

Girls go for it , you will really love it . Guys too , it is ok to use a body scrub :)

Kuwaiti Couples (5)

Apple Fever

They were arguing :

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : Blaaah blaah blaaah

Mr.Kuwaiti : Blah blah blah

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : Blaaah blaah blaaah

Mr.Kuwaiti : Blah blah blah
After 10 Minutes
Couples in 2011 end their arguments with that phrase

دائما الجمله اللي تنقال نهاية كل هوشة

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : عطني آيبادي هده الحين
Give me my Ipad now
Mr.Kuwaiti : مابي No

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : give it to me it's mine اووووف آيبادي ابيه

Mr.Kuwaiti : مابي No way

The End :P

look how life's priorities changed

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The hardest question ,اصعب سؤال

اول شي هذا الموضوع حق الوناسه مابي احد يزعل

This post is for fun , so please don't get mad

سألت هذا السؤال من فتره في تويتر و حصلت على اجابات احسها حللت الشخصيات و الحين راح اسأل مره ثانيه و راح أحط كل الإجابات في بوست ثاني

I asked a question long time ago in twitter , and I got some answers the showed my the personalities of the the people who answered me

السؤال :

أكيد كلنا نعرف ليلى و الذيب ؟؟ أكيد الكل يعرف القصه اذا مو حافظينها بعد

سؤالي : ليش يدة ليلى ( الجدة). عايشه بروحها بره القريه ؟

يالله ابي اجابات

The question : all of you know the story of the little red riding , why does her granny live out of the village ? I bet there is a reason

Please give some answers it's really fun what are you thinking about

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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Dream of my Boudoir

That is what i am looking for my own Boudoir space :) i bet all of you girls are looking for the same thing

Nanette Lepore's dressing room , aaaaah charming

Boudoir Photo Inspiration

These photos are from :

I loved the idea of sticking info tags so you dont have to open everybox to search for what you wanted

hnee ba3ad ma ft7at-hom

another closet i am in love with :

By: PeanutbabyCake

aaah i can`t wait to design mine

Thank u all

I would like to thank everyone who comment on my previoues post , thank u so much for your kind words .

I guess people around me and all of you know how do I feel regarding the pregnancy issue , that I really don't care and believe that it's God well , the thing that I was talking about had nothing to do of pregnancy , but it is an operation and I hate hospitals in general . That is why I am so scared

Thanks a lot , and I am so happy to know that there are people thinking of me :*

Love u all

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Bas mood

I mean bad mood :p

I guess some of you , friends , twitter followers noticed how desperate I am .I am in a situation that makes me so nervous , there is a decision ,i have to make now , there is no time left .

I am not pregnant , I've been asked a lot today , but there is a medical decision I have to accept sooner or later .

Offf I can express my feeling because I am not anonymous anymore , so I don't want any more drama .

I am in a bad mood , please everybody forgive me .

Few years ago when I was trying to get pregnant , I tried to hide my real feelings from my loved ones , I was not sad that it didn't happen , I was hating myself , because I gained so much weight . That is why I am not thinking to go back to treatment again .

My problem is that my mood reflects on me , I can't see anything beautiful , I eat to much and cry with no reason

I am sorry again
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و تقولون ماكو تنمية ؟؟؟؟ Opera Theater In Kuwait soon

هاااااااااا شعبالكم ؟؟؟؟ اهم شي السلال البلاستيك المسطرين

What do you think ??????? is that for real ????
My friend Bebo sent me this Image on WhatsApp . Bebo is that type of super girl who believes that nothing is habba , and nothing is trend . She will do whatever she wants , doesn`t care about peoples gossiping about that costly gerg3an , or fancy baby showers . She is Unique .No more girls like her in Kuwait .
Usually she likes to discover new places that sell lots of stuff that may be needed and we cannot find in malls
Today she was in that place Called "AG Mart" , an Egyptian shopping mall , that`s why they belive an opera theater will be opened soon :P

It is next to Salmiya Plaza , enshalah i will check it soon

here are more Images (Thanks Bebo) she was telling me enah elmokan chenah khan elkhaleele :P

Thursday, July 14, 2011

U R a blooger , so Did you apply With Viva

I did , and i am wondering r they going to contact all of us ??

The week's most popular post

The week's most popular post on my blog is :

check it if u didn`t read ;)
thanks alot

Bridezilla منفسة

قبل يومين  كنت سهرانه طول الليل اشوف فلم عرسي مو عشان اني ابي اشوفه بس لأني قاعده احاول اقص من  صور
Screem Capturing

لأني المصورة اللي لي الحين انا حاقده عليها و لا راح اسامحها لأني ما اقدر تصويرها يلوع الجبد و سخيف معا انه التصوير اهو اهم شي بالعرس
بس امبيه عادي ابجي الحين و انا اذكر السالفة

طبعا اشتطيت عبالي اللي قاعده اسويه صح بعدين ما ظبط شي

خل ارجع حق السالفة اللي ابي اتكلم عنها ،و انا اشوف الفلم جان انصدم من شي ،لو اني رايحه عرس و اشوف العروس تتصرف نفس تصرفاتي جان و الله قعدت اقول :يما !!!!شنو هالدعله ؟؟؟ الله يعينهم عليها مو هينة

انا كنت قاعده بالعرس جني ناظرة مدرسة نحيسة !!!!بدعت بلآوامر و النفس الخايسة !!!!الخز اللي مو طبيعي كل ما يت وحده من اهل ج تسلم عليه التفت و مادري شنو ، انزين شدعوة ؟؟؟

آوامر حق اختي و بنات خالتي اتحكم حتى بالدجي و معصبه حط اغنية انا ما ابيها مع اني كنت جميله وايد حبيت عمري صج صج :P

امبيه و كل شي مبين بالفلم و الإبتسامات الصفراء اللي قاعده اسويها انه اي وحده تسلم علي اعطيها الإبتسامة الصح بس تلتفت تختفي ابتسامتي !!! واااااي ازمة

نصيحه كل عروس جميله لطيفة ترى كل شي مسجل و حركات الويه كلها تبين  و اكيد انتي العروس الكل بيكون منتبه عليج

After watching my wedding Video I was shocked from my face expression and how I was a real Bridezilla although I was stunning , My Advice to all brides , everything will be recorded so stay calm and never show face expressions never

iPad Case Kashoookh

Luxury iPad case by Dolce&Gabbana , what I loved about that case , it is for the ladies only , which is different from other designers iPad cases , I guess I can ditch my handbag if I am carrying it .

Price 323 K.D

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can`t Fake Fashion campaign

Both eBay and the Council of Fashion Designers of America were working together to start to start the “You Can’t Fake Fashion” tote bag campaign , that launched today on the eBay Fashion Vault .

“50 American brands and designers to customize one-of-a-kind totes that will retail for $150 each”

It is a great idea, really , here are some of the Totes , which one will you choose ??

Vivienne Tam

Vivienne Team

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfigre

Tory Burch

Tory Burch





Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim



Anna Sui

Anna Sui

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson
(That is so Betsey)





Donna Karan

Donna Karan


Marchesa (that is what i called fashion ) loved it

Support eBay and CFDA’s and get your bag from