Tuesday, June 07, 2011

With WALESS Clean your Car and don't harm the environment

Update : Thankfully , i received a complimentary car wash from WALLESS :) it will be on Thursday enshalah ;stay tuned ;)

In Twitter I have been followed by WALLESS , an environment friendly car wash company , I must give them a try enshalah , and sure I will write my review :)
So happy to see such projects locally , I believe the environment awareness is increasing in Kuwait

I got these info from their Facebook page :

"We Reach You Wherever you are! for Booking Simply Call 90010110 for your next earth Friendly Carwash & Detailing Right at your door Step! www.walesskw.com
Why dealing with WALESS:

1) high Quality products
2) Biodegradable products
3) Environment Friendly
4) Save enormous amount of water
5) Save you time
6) Save you Electricity

No product can give you the SHINE we give to your car with Love to the environment like us!
General information
Waless Car Detailing & Protection Est. , is established in Kuwait , The exclusive Dealer/ distributor for Freedom international USA , offering a high-quality products in car cleaning services, We loved the concept of cleaning your car without using water, so we came out with the best product which can give the client the best result . Quality is our prime concern and highest priority. High Quality + Great Service = Satisfied Customers.

Our products Cleans, Polishes & Protects without using... (read more)

Water is precious in many parts of the world. Saving this valuable resource is crucial, especially in the hot and sandy countries of the Arabian Peninsula where cars get cleaned more often. Washing a normal sedan consumes roughly 500 litres of water and produces an equal amount of waste water, while big 4WD's and trucks consume even more!

Every car owner wants the best for his precious vehicle, even more so if this vehicle is an exclusive sports car, motorbike or even a yacht.

WALESS products clean, shine, and protect your vehicle without using one drop of water and without any waste. Still, the results are amazing: colours are brighter than ever, the gloss is gorgeous and the surface is protected as never before.
All our Products are Eco Friendly & Certified with ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14001: 2004
Freedom Waterless Carwash USA / Europe
Car park
+965 900 10 110

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Thankfully, I received a complimentary car wash from Waless :) My appointment will be on Thursday enshaalah , so stay tuned for my post ;)


Ra-1 said...

يالله ناطرين تجربتج :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ra-1 : i will post about it