Sunday, June 12, 2011

WALESS meet Newq8bride :)

I posted about WALESS Kuwait earlier , and about their offer of a complimentary Car wash .

it`s been awhile when i asked jj to call his friend car clean company , or take my car to be washed , :P i was nagging on him , and he was a typical Kuwaiti man :P delaying everything (sorry love ) moreover i am that type of girl who transforms her car to a closet :P yes i am not the impeccable one ; i am the careless :P

i have to admit that i don't take care of my car , so once i received WALESS Kuwait  DM,  i contacted them directly and arranged an appointment , i talked to Mr.Ahmad Almansour , the owner i believe , he was super friendly mashalah , and i heard the enthusiasm in his voice which made me believe that we must support all the Kuwaiti local business .

Any way he read some of my posts , and noticed that i am facing a problem of not receiving any deliveries or services in Rehab , he informed me  that they covered all Kuwait areas except ALjahra for now ,  but they will offer a service there, soon .

The appointment was at 5 P.M. , in mishref , because it is our family `s gathering and i wanted Dad & brothers to take a look at the service .

i was waiting for them , unfortunately they were late , for almost an hour , but in twitter they kept contacting me ,  informing me that they were stuck in the traffic , i don`t like delayed appointments but i appreciate how hard they were trying to making it up for me and apologzing for the delays .

Once they arrived , jj , dad and my brothers were out there . Dad was asking them whether they were needing any electricity , one special quality of WALESS kuwait ; they don`t use the costumer`s electricity . All you have to do is to relax while they are giving your car her shower !

The weather sucks that day , dusty and extremely hot , i couldn`t stay out all the time , jj was with them taking some photos , i  was noticing that they were taking care of the car details , cleansing every spot , they had special product for each area , and they used a vacuum and took special care of the car`s engine

The price of the car service i got was 5 K.D which was really reasonable price for such an impressive car wash .
here are some of the pictures :

Here They are  , 7asafa i was looking for the colored truck , i wanna show off  :P

Just started :)

Cleaning the details of my naughty dirty car :P

More Cleaning :D



 More wiping


look at her :) cute 7abeebte , sorry ma nathftich mn zmaaan

 Maryooma my niece with her broken leg lazm tkoon mawjooda ;)

Goodbuy &thank u so much

Now i will give my rate out of 10 :

i will give them 9/10

jj`s 7/9

i don`t know why , but for me as a woman , i found it amazing i highly recommend it to all of u

am i going to try it again ??

definitely yes

yalaah everyone try them now


Waless said...

Thanks for your Post about us, and we would like to express our apologize for the Delay Since it was Really crazy Traffic on the roads as in evening Rush Hour, We Hope to hear from you soon, and we Thank you For your Kind Rating..

Thank You!
WALESS Waterless Carwash & Detailing - Kuwait

Abdullah Aljalawi said...

ماشالله .. خوش شي .. !
وينهم ايام الغبار ههههههه
وخوش مدونه

Anonymous said...

يبتهم مره حق سيارتي صج لمعوها من برا بس من داخل ما ظبطولي الكشنات

بس بشكل عام حلوه الفكره

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

KHOOOOOSH TANTHEEEEEEEEF! ya36eehum il3afyaa!!;D o na3eeeeeeeman for ur car;p