Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swap Cafe - NewBride & Abbaaasah

i was invited by Mr.Khaled Aldureban to try his recently opened cafe , Swap Cafe . i called my beloved friend (i guess most of you know her from Twitter @Abbaaasah ) and arranged an appointment with Mr.Khaled .

it is been a long time , since the last time i visited ALmuhalaab mall , almost 2 or 3 years . We arrived there at 1 P.M and acknowledged that the cafe located at the food court . He greeted us and we were directed to one table , the place was small , cute and colorful . He informed me that it was a soft opening , so i must keep that in mind while posting my opinion .

i felt as if i am the (Shrreera ) type of blogger :P which i am not , i am supporting kuwaiti small business , and of course my view may not be agreed by everyone .

The waiters were still in training , they started one week ago . We ordered 2 sandwiches ; Turkey for me and Abaasah ordered Haloomi Sandwich . i noticed the variation of food in the menu ; sandwiches , burgers , salads and also warag 3anab .

The sandwiches were fine , a signature taste needed , we have been asked if we want white or brown bread , 6ab3an because we are healthy chicks ; we decided to go with the white bread :P .

i asked for the best seller dessert , which was the caramel Cake . A ordered the Chocolate Cake . they have more that one chocolate cake , one of them called Chocolate Bomb ! it looked like a killer bomb ;)

The Cakes were delicious , so tasty . They need to work on the cakes design but the flavor was impressive .

i can`t rate the place yet , but as an overall all opinion , Sawp Cafe will be perfect for an after spa snack , if u are going to spa time for example , furthermore it is a worm spot for guys who are waiting for their wives to finish their shopping . Yes they have a plazma screen to watch your favorite soccer games .

i will visit Swap Cafe after few months , so then i will be fair in rating the place .

Now for the fun part ;) shopping !!!

after we were done , we passed by "Every Moment" , it located on the basement floor at Almuhllab .

look what i got from there :

Paris Hilton Shirts :) Loved them , and they were on sale 5K.D each . i waer T-shorts waayed so kil ma alga shirt ya3jbnee akhethaa 3laa 6ool

Abaasaah got a lovely necklace

 mashlalah and it matched her outfit so she wore it directly waay tyanin

mashalah waayed 7looo ;) bl3afeya girl

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LadyB_Q8 said...

Loved your friend outfit ! amazing style :)