Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer Day at CFW

Yesterday we arranged an event called (Summer Day ) , thanks to bebo, my friend who was in charge with all the arrangements.

i ordered the ice cream package from Taw9eel , Om jasoome and bebo bring extra ice cream and Rose milk

The ice-cream and the rose milk

My taw9eel package

Everything was amazing , the countdown started to begin at 11 a.m. , when the electricity shut down !!

imagine how was it with no AC or lights :p , thanks God our colleagues were enjoying their time with high spirits .

I dressed up with my beach dress that used to wear in Maldives over my bikini , but of course I wear it with my hijab ;)

it was a lovely day , we left early after relishing the ice cream and the beach look a like atmosphere ;)

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Expat and the City said...

I love your beach dress and shoes! :)