Saturday, June 25, 2011

one week Left

One week left , and I will be back to work enshalah :( 7adeeeee malee khilg

to be honest I liked the in-q8-vacation !!! Really that is what I am calling relaxing

there is one thing that I am working on right now , I am doing some renovation to my living room .

ya3nee ana o JJ :P ya3nee ya3nee mo 9ij :P
Five years ago , when I started to work on my apartment , I couldn`t understand what was my style regarding furniture and home designs .

So now , everything is clear to me , my style is Masculine -Modern , Thanks to my friend om jasem who clarified that for me .

i will post about it enshalah ;)
this is my living room 6ab3an the pic is old waayed  ghayart feeha , bas al7een enshalah taghyeer kamel

enshalah i will post eltajdeedat

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Ra-1 said...

ماشالله حلوة :)
نفس لون صالتنا بس احنا بس اخضر مو مدخلين أحمر بس ان شالله اذا بدخل لون ثاني راح يكون البنفسجي الفاقع