Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newq8bride on Vacation

So here I am , starting my vacation . Usually I don't take a leave unless I am Going to travel , this is the first time am taking 2weeks and staying in Kuwait .

To be honest , it is not a bad choice , I have lots of things to be done and organized , and I will spend more time without worrying when I will wake up Or if I should sleep now .

He is in vacation 2 , so I will enjoy the feeling of waiting for him to come back from the gym , having lunch and spend most of the time laying there on couch watching movies and do nothing .

Enshalah it will be a relaxing-2 weeks leave , I am not planing to go out either .

I feel that there is something new the occur to my personality , are they the 30th symptoms ? I do not feel that I want to go out like before , all what I want to do is to stay at home , to be with him . I have the feeling of the newly-wed couples . As I am a new bride !!!! I guess choosing that name to be my blogging identity was a good choice ;)

Unfortunately , mom can't get it , she is not understanding that change Of behavior because I used to be hanging out a lot , every time she needs something I am the one who is there with her , I don't know what to do , but I feel that we are not getting along like we used to do , that's making me feel guilty , but I really don't know what to do .

Also I was thinking of giving my living room a make over , I would love to hear from you about your ideas of home improvement tips and designs

Any way I am relaxed , I will not be nervous I will sleep as much as I can and I will spend my time with you guys , my blog readers and twitter followers :)

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