Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning with Giardino Flowers

Finally, next week I will start my two- weeks  leave: ) there are no plans for traveling so all what I am doing is to sleep or hang out with friends I guess.

I arrived to work on time this morning, maybe because I am excited: P

I was checking my inbox , when I found this e-mail from Giardino Flowers , aah what a lovely morning to start your day with amazing flowers bouquets : )

Take a look :

Who are Giardino Flowers ?

“In Italian means a garden. Giardino enters you to a world of flower arrangement and designing flower bouquets in a professional way . Bouquets are arranged through talented Q8ty girl. It aims to change the common idea of flower in the market on regular occasions”

Order ur bouquet online with FREE DELIVERY

WebSite : Giardino Flowers

Twitter @giardinoflower  by direct msg

By email :

I checked the website; I felt the high-class taste mixed with the simplicity of the Italian tasteful spirit in the bouquets , to be honest I didn’t order from them , but for any upcoming occasions ;I will give it a try .

I couldn`t find any prices yet in the website, I wish the owner will send me a price list or explain to my the pricing system .

Hint to Kuwaiti Men : We Love Flowers ;)


Ra-1 said...

طلبت منهم مرة بس محد رد عالإيميل !!

Giardino Flower said...

hi Ra-1

wallah thakrtich lema 6lbtay mny 7ata can cupcake ;p monasya cuz 7seet bel thanb heheh

wallah knt bel 3umra 7abeebty Oo shift al email 3ugb .. 3ad 76eet announcment ;s bs ma3leeh next time Oo btkoon lich mo3amla special ;p wala ehimch

Giardino Flower said...

بخصووص الاسعار

تكون مو ثابته تتغير حسب كل بوكيه و نوع الورد في ناس يعجبها الديزاين و تغير الورد و العكس بعد فالسعر راح يتغيير فهالحاله

contact me for any Qstion ;p

noman said...

sooooo romantice and cute flower i love this colors of flower