Thursday, June 30, 2011

The week's most popular post

The week's most popular post on my blog is :

و الله ما توقعت

Read it if u missed it ;)

I Love Everything Made By Louboutin

Eight inch Swarovski studded heels by Christian Louboutin

The shoes are expected to fetch around $75,000 (20,629 K.D). , they will not be sold at any Louboutin showroom

"A London based auction house, The Summer Party, is organizing an event to support the English National Ballet. The auction house will auction various items, all related to English Ballet, in order to support the cause"

anything by Louboutin is going to added to my Love List

More from The makover

The mess started , we are spending almost 5 days without TV , i bet JJ will commit suicide :P i know most home improving situations cause stress between couples , That is why i am trying my best to keep myself calm and create a comfortable atmosphere for jj .

our bedroom transformed to a camp , but i keep telling him that we are enjoying all that , it is a way to break the routine .i don`t know why we do not stop eating :P i guess we are going to gain so much weight .

once the living room is done i will post some pictures of the final look

Smurfette kashkha with designer accessories in Harper’s Bazaar

To be honest , i didn`t like her when i was a child

 Louis Vuitton 
 Dolce & Gabbana
Marc Jacobs

oh God and she is posing for real !!! looool

i can`t wait for the movie to come out :)

Photo credit: Jeffrey Westbrook for Harper’s Bazaar &


Wednesday, June 29, 2011 still in list ;)

Thanks to Danderama for her hard work :* she sent me an e-mail and my blog still in the list of the top 100 blogs from Kuwait according to Alexa ratings of today 29 June 2011  .

91New Q8 Bride5391Down from 78

yes i am down :P but i am still in ;)

i am in love with a Blogger

waaaaay 7adaaa shwagne el shirt it is from Pull&Bear

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventure in Kuwait

I have to wake up at 5 A.M , I didn't sleep yet !!!

JJ is planning an adventure ;) who said there is nothing to do in Kuwait :p

I don't know were is the place exactly but all what I know that I will wear my bikini .

Hopefully , a privet place for couples in Kuwait

I will wait and see

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Newq8bride Likes :

I don't remember if I mentioned that before or no , but I have something for table napkins , i loved them .

Today I was in the avenues and got these lovely Embroidered Napkins from Pottery Barn . So cute , although I don't like anything with flowers , but don't know , I just felt that I have to buy them .

Price : 1.500 K.D

i guess they are having 50% sale .

Pottary Barn -Avenues
Telephone #: 22581940

Monday, June 27, 2011

يا احبك أو احبك

مستغربه من التغيير ، تغيير في المشاعر و في تفاصيل المشاعر ، ما في سبب و من غير مقدمات صرت شخصيه حساسه ....

الكل يدري من رفيجاتي ما احب اللم ( العناق). :p: اهم شي العناق عاد ، كنت من النوع اللي احب اسلم من بعيد و بس . الحين !!!!!! فيضان من المشاعر .... كله ولهانه على الناس !!!

قمت ابجي على اي فلم ، اي اغنيه و اي سالفه ..

ابجي اذا مستانسه . و ابجي اذا متضايقه ...

و اصعب شي ابجي لأني احب ..... مابي أوخر عنه و ابي اكون معاه على طول ...

قبل تقريبا ٥ سنين كنت احبه ، ما قبلت انه يكون بحياتي الا لأني احبه ..... بس الحين بعد ٥ سنين اعتبر ان اللي كنت احس فيه مو حب .

كل علاقه بين شخصين تتطور يا اما يمشون بخطين متوازين او هالخطين يمشون عكس بعض كل واحد باتجاه او يتلاقون و يصيرون عباره عن خط واحد . المواقف و المشاكل و الألم و الفرح اهيا الي تحدد شنو الطريج .

مرت علينا ظروف قربتنا و زادت فهمنا حق تفكير كل واحد فينا ، التضحيه و التنازل من الطرفين اقوى رابط بين كل شخصين .

و الدعاء ...... الدعاء انه نكون دائماً موجودين حق بعض .. دعائنا انه نكون اقوى من كل الظروف و كل من يحاول يخلق مشاكل بينا هذا اللي يثبتنا .

بس اعترف حب المراهقين قاعد يسري بدمي لدرجه اني مابي اخليه و لا لحظه

اي نعم ...... متعب وايد بس ماني قادره احس بشي غير اني احبك

Promise Me , you will be there for me , no matter what happened .

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

one week Left

One week left , and I will be back to work enshalah :( 7adeeeee malee khilg

to be honest I liked the in-q8-vacation !!! Really that is what I am calling relaxing

there is one thing that I am working on right now , I am doing some renovation to my living room .

ya3nee ana o JJ :P ya3nee ya3nee mo 9ij :P
Five years ago , when I started to work on my apartment , I couldn`t understand what was my style regarding furniture and home designs .

So now , everything is clear to me , my style is Masculine -Modern , Thanks to my friend om jasem who clarified that for me .

i will post about it enshalah ;)
this is my living room 6ab3an the pic is old waayed  ghayart feeha , bas al7een enshalah taghyeer kamel

enshalah i will post eltajdeedat

Friday, June 24, 2011

لاعت جبدنا من هالسالفة

الصراع بين الرجال و النساء موجود منذ الأزل ، و لما اقول الأزل يعني من قديم الزمان (حسيت كلامي موسوعة )في فترة من الفترات في التاريخ حاربت المرأة عشان بس تقدر تكتب مثل ما الرجل كان مسموح له انه يكتب روايات و كتب و تعبت وايد و كتبت بأسماء مستعارة ، ترى وايد من الكتاب المشهورين ما انعرفوا اذا كانوا رجال او نساء و اغلب الظن انه نساء

بعدها وايد حركات تطالب بحقوق المرأة في جميع المجالات ، التعليم ، العمل و حقها ان تعتلي مناصب ، و تصوت بلإنتخابات و تصير وزيرة و سفيرة و نائبة .

و دايما كان يصير مشاحنات و نقاشات بين المعارضين من الرجال و النساء

كل هالمقدمه معروفه و مافيها اي شي يديد ابد

كل هذه عشان ابي اوصل انه يا شباب و بنات الكويت اذا في موضوع تبون تتهاوشون عليه

الله يخليكم دوروا سالفة ثانية غير سالفة

( الركب السود)

لأن صج صج ماكو سالفة و حدها لا تودي و لا تييب

يعني شنو يسوون البنات ؟؟

ماكو الا يلبسون

feather knee shorts Graeme Armours feather knee shorts

خلاص و الله ملينا

Chanel Or Dior Gun :P

Chanel Cosmetic Gun for storage of personal items and cosmetics , it has  lip gloss, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, a 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, a USB stick and a Viagra pill. all that for $17,000 apiece ya3ne almost 4600 K.D , the Dior gun has the same accessories from the brand but is priced lower for only $11,500 ya3nee 3000 K.D :P

Chanel Cosmetic Gun
haaa yabeelah :P  ?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swap Cafe - NewBride & Abbaaasah

i was invited by Mr.Khaled Aldureban to try his recently opened cafe , Swap Cafe . i called my beloved friend (i guess most of you know her from Twitter @Abbaaasah ) and arranged an appointment with Mr.Khaled .

it is been a long time , since the last time i visited ALmuhalaab mall , almost 2 or 3 years . We arrived there at 1 P.M and acknowledged that the cafe located at the food court . He greeted us and we were directed to one table , the place was small , cute and colorful . He informed me that it was a soft opening , so i must keep that in mind while posting my opinion .

i felt as if i am the (Shrreera ) type of blogger :P which i am not , i am supporting kuwaiti small business , and of course my view may not be agreed by everyone .

The waiters were still in training , they started one week ago . We ordered 2 sandwiches ; Turkey for me and Abaasah ordered Haloomi Sandwich . i noticed the variation of food in the menu ; sandwiches , burgers , salads and also warag 3anab .

The sandwiches were fine , a signature taste needed , we have been asked if we want white or brown bread , 6ab3an because we are healthy chicks ; we decided to go with the white bread :P .

i asked for the best seller dessert , which was the caramel Cake . A ordered the Chocolate Cake . they have more that one chocolate cake , one of them called Chocolate Bomb ! it looked like a killer bomb ;)

The Cakes were delicious , so tasty . They need to work on the cakes design but the flavor was impressive .

i can`t rate the place yet , but as an overall all opinion , Sawp Cafe will be perfect for an after spa snack , if u are going to spa time for example , furthermore it is a worm spot for guys who are waiting for their wives to finish their shopping . Yes they have a plazma screen to watch your favorite soccer games .

i will visit Swap Cafe after few months , so then i will be fair in rating the place .

Now for the fun part ;) shopping !!!

after we were done , we passed by "Every Moment" , it located on the basement floor at Almuhllab .

look what i got from there :

Paris Hilton Shirts :) Loved them , and they were on sale 5K.D each . i waer T-shorts waayed so kil ma alga shirt ya3jbnee akhethaa 3laa 6ool

Abaasaah got a lovely necklace

 mashlalah and it matched her outfit so she wore it directly waay tyanin

mashalah waayed 7looo ;) bl3afeya girl

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

هذا الدين ؟؟؟؟ خل ينفعك

المشهد الاول : رجل ، يمكن في الستينات كويتي و شكله وايد كشخه و مرتب مع زوجته الامريكيه مومتحجبه مشالله مع انها كبيره بس جميله و طويله قاعدين يمشون بالافنيوز و اهوا يتمشى معاها بدون اي سبب مد ايده و مسك ايدها لو اقدر اوصف اكثر انه تعلق بيدها .... الله يتمم عليهم و يوفقه .

المشهد الثاني : رجل يمكن بالاربيعينات ملتحي و دشداشته قصيره ، عابس ويه يمشي بسرعه ، وراه ب ثلاث أمتار زوجته بنقابها و عباتها و لحق ما تلحق تبي توصله مسكينه !! لدرجه انه ركب الاسكليتر ما استوعبنه انها تبعه و كنا راح نصعد وراه بس مسكينه اشوه انها لحقت عليه التفت تأكد انها وراه و لف مسكينه تناديه و مفتلت و قف عند محل ملابس نسائه التفت عليها و هي بعيده و اشر لها و دش المحل و دخلت وراه ......

عصبت من صجي عصبت ، الدين اخلاق و الله الدين اخلاق ، شنو المرأه تعاملها بهالطريقه ؟؟؟ اهيا تستحق حالها حال اي زوجه انها تحس بحب زوجها و انه مفتخر فيها ......

استغفر الله

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newq8bride on Vacation

So here I am , starting my vacation . Usually I don't take a leave unless I am Going to travel , this is the first time am taking 2weeks and staying in Kuwait .

To be honest , it is not a bad choice , I have lots of things to be done and organized , and I will spend more time without worrying when I will wake up Or if I should sleep now .

He is in vacation 2 , so I will enjoy the feeling of waiting for him to come back from the gym , having lunch and spend most of the time laying there on couch watching movies and do nothing .

Enshalah it will be a relaxing-2 weeks leave , I am not planing to go out either .

I feel that there is something new the occur to my personality , are they the 30th symptoms ? I do not feel that I want to go out like before , all what I want to do is to stay at home , to be with him . I have the feeling of the newly-wed couples . As I am a new bride !!!! I guess choosing that name to be my blogging identity was a good choice ;)

Unfortunately , mom can't get it , she is not understanding that change Of behavior because I used to be hanging out a lot , every time she needs something I am the one who is there with her , I don't know what to do , but I feel that we are not getting along like we used to do , that's making me feel guilty , but I really don't know what to do .

Also I was thinking of giving my living room a make over , I would love to hear from you about your ideas of home improvement tips and designs

Any way I am relaxed , I will not be nervous I will sleep as much as I can and I will spend my time with you guys , my blog readers and twitter followers :)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes here they are , the Boxed  A " store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories created by independent designers"

Now , the Boxed is online , every design is a piece of art by itself , wither you are updating your furniture or designing your own new home . shopping in the boxed is a must .


LADY IN BLACK - $30.00 (USD)

This Collage Print  is totally me .

PUAWAI420 Lampshade

what do u think of this lamp ???? eshaweg 9a7 ??

For me , i will keep in mind to get some accessorize and more things from them for my (Dream dressing room enshalah ) ;)

Check the website here

I am in love with LV resort collection 2012

What do u think girls ?


I am so in to long strap bags

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Friday, June 17, 2011

abeee :(

لا تقولون لي ولا وحده فيكم ياها شعور انها تعيش داخل غرفة كلها
boxes from TIFFANY  ;)

eshweg al looon

u can do it now

"The Tiffany suite will cost you $8,500 per night, plus tax. Bonus: that does include a bottle of champagne".


Thursday, June 16, 2011

My UN Shoes from Sukar...hmmmm

Remember my post about The United Nude High Heels ??

Eamz Ankle Sandal (White)

I received a call from that they received a shipment with manufacturers defect!!!! Still i didn’t get it !!!!

They will return my money back .

i appreciate that they called me but i am confused regarding Manufacturers defect !! madree mo dasha mokhee el salfaa

What !! Men In Lace :P

قاعده اتخيل الشكل انه يكون واحد كويتي لابسها


lace suit rodarte for opening ceremony Fashion Police for the Boys: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony lace suit

el mishklaa enah out of stock :P

The week's most popular post

The week's most popular post on my blog is :

Morning with Giardino Flowers

Finally, next week I will start my two- weeks  leave: ) there are no plans for traveling so all what I am doing is to sleep or hang out with friends I guess.

I arrived to work on time this morning, maybe because I am excited: P

I was checking my inbox , when I found this e-mail from Giardino Flowers , aah what a lovely morning to start your day with amazing flowers bouquets : )

Take a look :

Who are Giardino Flowers ?

“In Italian means a garden. Giardino enters you to a world of flower arrangement and designing flower bouquets in a professional way . Bouquets are arranged through talented Q8ty girl. It aims to change the common idea of flower in the market on regular occasions”

Order ur bouquet online with FREE DELIVERY

WebSite : Giardino Flowers

Twitter @giardinoflower  by direct msg

By email :

I checked the website; I felt the high-class taste mixed with the simplicity of the Italian tasteful spirit in the bouquets , to be honest I didn’t order from them , but for any upcoming occasions ;I will give it a try .

I couldn`t find any prices yet in the website, I wish the owner will send me a price list or explain to my the pricing system .

Hint to Kuwaiti Men : We Love Flowers ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

انا و هو ......و صديقه

انا انانية :)

اي ابي كل شي ، ابي استانس و ابي اكل على راحتي و ابي اضعف و ابي رفيجاتي اطلع معاهم على طول و ابي ج اطلع معاه.

ابي اسافر مع اهلي ،مع رفيجاتي

و ابي اسافر معاه

يعني ابي كل شي :)

ج من فترة صارت علاقته قوية وايد مع واحد من ربعه و طبعا انا الينون اشتغل فيني

و مو بيدي انا جذي   ،وايد اتحلطم ووايد اعصب ووايد اقارن

اي طلعت معاه بالويك ايند و انا تقولي ماحب طلعة ويك اند !!

 و اسوي سالفه و اطنقر و ابجي

و من هالسوالف و اكثر

لين دق علي بيوم ج ج و قالي ترى رفيجي عازمنا بالشاليه

انا تفاجأت الصراحة ، ج من ايام الخطبة بين لي انه ما يحب طلعات او يمعات


و هالشي طبعا من حقه و انا فكرت بيني و بين نفسي هالطلعات بتزيد شي من حياتي ؟ او بتنقص ؟؟


عشان جذي ما ناقشت و لا احتجيت الصراحه لأن هالشي مو مهم

عشان جذي لما قالي انه عازمنا و اذا ودي اروح اتعرف على زوجته

فهمت انه وايد رفيجه عزيز عليه

طبعا اسبوع كامل لي الويكند و انا افكر و متوترة

ليش ؟؟ مادري ، انا متعوده اني اتعرف على الناس و كلش ما عندي مشكله ابد اني اسولف مع ناس اول مرة اشوفهم

بس ليش متوترة ليش حاشني عوار بطن كل ما قرب اليوم ؟؟

من الأفكار اللي مرت علي انه ممكن البنيه ما تبيني ازورهم ، يعني قلت يمكن الموضوع انه اللأصدقاء بروحهم اتفقوا و اهيا ما تبيني ايي ؟؟

تخيلت الوضع انه يمعة بالشاليه خالاتها او خواتها او اهلهم و انا شكو رازة ويهي

يمكن البنت لايعة جبدها من ج لأن نفس الشي يكون كله طالع مع زوجها مثل ما انا اتحلطم عليه

ما كنت ابي الوضع يكون يمعه حريم و السوالف عن اليهال و المطبخ تحوشني كآبة

و انا مثل هالأماكن مثلا الشاليه ، البر ، المزرعه احب دايما اكون معاه ماحب اكون بروحي

و اخر شي مابيها تكون اضعف مني !!!!لاحد يقول لي شكو لأن انا مادري ليش فكرت جذي

المهم وصلنا ، قلبي يرقع ، نفس الشعور اللي لما الوحده بيشوفونها عشان خطبة

الصراحه !!انصدمت

و استحيت على ويحي

مشالله مشالله مشالله شنو هالناس

الريال وايد وايد خوش واحد

و زوجته تينن استقبلتني جنها تعرفني من زمان و امها كانت موجوده مشالله مشالله ،الوضع ما كان فيه كلافه كلش

ما قصروا معانا لدرجه ان ج طلع مع رفيجه و عياله و انا قعدت معاها وايد وايد استانسنا

الشغله اللي تعلمتها

ابدا لا اقعد اتخيل علاقتي مع ناس ما شفتهم و اقعد احط احكام من كيفي

شي ثاني مهم ، العزيمة كانت حركه ذكيه وايد وايد من ج و رفيجه ، لأن الحين لا يمكن اني اتكلم كلمه او اتحلطم عن رفيجه لأن الريال ما قصر و قام فينا

JJ you are the winner :P

يالله هذي نصيحه حق كل واحد يعاني مع زوجته من نفس المشكله

عرفها على زوجته :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Me !!! A real Housewife :/

Here i am , confessing about something i never thought  that i am going to do ever . It`s been almost a month ,trying to resist that feeling of baking a cake !! it developed to the urge of cooking main dishes , yes main dishes !!

i can`t believe it , i hate the smell of frying , roasting or baking food , so what is going on ???

it i official i am a woman in her 30s

i have to wait , no actions will be taking , maybe it is just a phase and i will be me again or i have to accept that change :P

but even though i am not going to be the typical house wife i will be the thriving one ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WALESS meet Newq8bride :)

I posted about WALESS Kuwait earlier , and about their offer of a complimentary Car wash .

it`s been awhile when i asked jj to call his friend car clean company , or take my car to be washed , :P i was nagging on him , and he was a typical Kuwaiti man :P delaying everything (sorry love ) moreover i am that type of girl who transforms her car to a closet :P yes i am not the impeccable one ; i am the careless :P

i have to admit that i don't take care of my car , so once i received WALESS Kuwait  DM,  i contacted them directly and arranged an appointment , i talked to Mr.Ahmad Almansour , the owner i believe , he was super friendly mashalah , and i heard the enthusiasm in his voice which made me believe that we must support all the Kuwaiti local business .

Any way he read some of my posts , and noticed that i am facing a problem of not receiving any deliveries or services in Rehab , he informed me  that they covered all Kuwait areas except ALjahra for now ,  but they will offer a service there, soon .

The appointment was at 5 P.M. , in mishref , because it is our family `s gathering and i wanted Dad & brothers to take a look at the service .

i was waiting for them , unfortunately they were late , for almost an hour , but in twitter they kept contacting me ,  informing me that they were stuck in the traffic , i don`t like delayed appointments but i appreciate how hard they were trying to making it up for me and apologzing for the delays .

Once they arrived , jj , dad and my brothers were out there . Dad was asking them whether they were needing any electricity , one special quality of WALESS kuwait ; they don`t use the costumer`s electricity . All you have to do is to relax while they are giving your car her shower !

The weather sucks that day , dusty and extremely hot , i couldn`t stay out all the time , jj was with them taking some photos , i  was noticing that they were taking care of the car details , cleansing every spot , they had special product for each area , and they used a vacuum and took special care of the car`s engine

The price of the car service i got was 5 K.D which was really reasonable price for such an impressive car wash .
here are some of the pictures :

Here They are  , 7asafa i was looking for the colored truck , i wanna show off  :P

Just started :)

Cleaning the details of my naughty dirty car :P

More Cleaning :D



 More wiping


look at her :) cute 7abeebte , sorry ma nathftich mn zmaaan

 Maryooma my niece with her broken leg lazm tkoon mawjooda ;)

Goodbuy &thank u so much

Now i will give my rate out of 10 :

i will give them 9/10

jj`s 7/9

i don`t know why , but for me as a woman , i found it amazing i highly recommend it to all of u

am i going to try it again ??

definitely yes

yalaah everyone try them now