Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Words no couples want to hear , or received

Lovely singles are allowed to participate ;)

we all know that the communication techniques among people have changed , most of us now prefer texting more than calling or face to face meeting .

my opinion , i think it is really romantic,  why ? because you can show your real feelings to your partner easily . if your partner is in a meeting , nothing is going to stop an (i love you ) phrase to reach him , even if the mobile is silent or switched off , your massage will be delivered sooner or later .

if your woman is sleeping , (missing you) text will be saved in her mobile till she wakes up and checks her mobile , and she will believe your the best thing happened in her life even if you are not going to be home early .

these are some of the texts that all of us want to receive and will makes us happy , speacily between couples : i miss you , i love you , 9ayra 7lwaa (u look beautiful ) , alaah ykhleek lee etc.........

on the other hand , there are some words or texts makes you angry that you don't mind smashing your mobile after you received them , according to my tiny experience , men hate those text massages : Weeeenik !!! (where are you ) , leesh ma tred ?? ( why don`t you answer ? ) deg 3laaay al7eeen (call me now )

women hate most of men texts actually :P redday elbeet al7en (come home now ) without any explanation , la tdgeen ana mashghool ( don`t call i am busy ) , weenich ma trdeen ? ( why don`t answer ?? )

so let me know , what text massage you hate ? and love

شنو المسج اللي تكرهون انه يوصلكم

و شنو المسج اللي تستانسون و تحبون يوصلكم


swera said...

all the msgs he sends r amazing bs lama yo9alli msg menna "ana bat2a5ar shwaya" te6la3 groony :P

Piscean said...

I love it when I get an unexpected text from loved ones, expressing their emotions..Out of the blue..It makes my whole day <3

What I hate is like you said, 'come home', 'you're late', or when i'm busy and I dont answer and someone keeps texting and 'pinging' Urrrrgh!! :@

Unknown said...

I love that we don't text or phone calls we like to share calendars events and emailing
The whole concept of using calendars to manage our work and life together always makes me happy

Butterfly Chick said...

for me, i love when i receive a msg such as i love you, i miss you..
and about the part that you said akrah shay ena egool redi el bait a7een, i love it when it comes as redi el bait a7en i miss u or redi el bait a7een i wanna be with u :P

NewQ8 Bride said...

swera : looool sara :) elmsg elee ma a7eba : weenich ?? elee ykon without dear , or 7abeebte ma a7eba

Piscean : yah i agree with you i hate the orders msgs :P