Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Women's Birthday Gifts Guide (For Kuwaiti Men)

i received a request from one of my friends of twitter ,  asking me to suggest a birthday gift for his wife . i was so happy that young Kuwaiti men finally understand how is it important to surprice your woman from time to time and on the most important day , her Birthday !!!! yah guys don't ever miss a birthday gift or U R Doomed .

شخص في تويتر طلب مني اني اقترح له هدية تكون مناسبة حق زوجته ، وايد استانست من طلبه لأن هالشي بين لي انه شباب الكويت يقدرون زوجاتهم و اخيرا فهموا ان المرأة تحب انه المفاجآت بين فترة و فترة و اهم شي في عيد ميلادها او يوم ميلادها

و نصيحة لا تنسى تاريخ ميلادها نصيحة !!لأنها ما راح تطوفها لك و الله


i want you to know , this post shows my own opinion , maybe you will like my suggestions maybe you will not .

our budget is about 100 - 300 K.D .

Guys , attention please ,

You know your woman , you must understand her . Your present should be thoughtful and also of the like of your wife , it is not mandatory that your gift has to be a dashing , high-priced one .

The best present ,  is your excitement regarding her birthday , trust me that will makes her the happiest lady in the world .

Let`s begin , you have 2 options , either you get her a gift with a total price of 300 K.D or several items with the same price .

I prefer the second option . Here are some recommendations to give a lovely , feminine birthday present for a young Kuwaiti wife :

A girl will love something that she can wear all the time , customized for her , and of course a brand name . i liked :

Tiffany & Co , lovely acsseorrise every woman will love , one of the main reasons I recommend Tiffany to you guys , is You don't have to go to any wrapping place to wrap it in glittery butterfly wrapping papers . You will get your box wrapped in an elegant way .

Look how stylish are the boxes ??

You can get her one of these lovely jewelry's :

Price : 50 K.D

Price : 50 KD

Of course the famous Key 80 K.D

Price: 84 KD

Price : 150 K.D

Note that the prices are approximate , I get them from their online shopping site and convert the currency to a Kuwaiti Dinar .

Part 2 of the present , if she is a romantic type of girl , why don't you surprise her with  a flower bouquet designed by you ???? Yeh yeh you may find difficult , but with Tulipias Sense All what you have to do is to  pay for one of their monthly packages , starting from 35 K.D , she will receive a flower bouquet ever week for one month , yes U are the one who is going to choose the design of the bouquet . Starting from day 1 of her birthday month . Imagine how happy she will be , and how thrilled she is waiting for her flowers every week .

Here are some of their unique designs :

Contact them :

Phone No. 00965-66 32 32 77
Mobile No. 00965- 66 32 32 77
Address: Visit them in Al Tilal Complex - Shuwaikh
E-mail :

Now with the yammmmy part , what a Birthday without a birthday cake ? or cakes ?? what about a customized cup cakes just for her ??? choose the color , write a massage and surprise her , my advice , surprise her on the date of her family`s gathering , she will be super happy ;)

 Where you will order  the cake ?? try :  OneMoreBite

The price : 15 K.D 

Another option for her , if she likes french inspired dessert , you must check Madame Sucre

i love tha boxs and the cakes mo 9ij

check the facebookpage for the prices and the details :) .

i ordered my husband`s Bday cake from  Cake-n-Bake , They are having the best customer service ever  , follow them in twitter in the will definitely will help you  , check my post about them JJ`s Birthday

it was so cute ,

Ok let`s say that you are a busy man and you don`t have time to shop for her gift, don`t ever say that to her and don`t mentioned that walah mashghool shaswee, there are several online shopping sites (local) shopping websites, all what you should do is to press (Gift for Her) and chose whatever you think it will be a proper Birthday gift :

i recomand La Mer watch , Price : 40K.D
  La Mer - Emerald Tourista Charm Wrap Watch 


Lets say that you already got the gift , all what you need is to wrap it ?? don`t waste your time just contact :

what do you think ???
There is nothing to talk about wrapping mania , just check the blog and you will be amazed  , send her cutest  photo when she was a baby and they will customized the box for you : )

contact them :
Follow us on Twitter: @wrappingmania
Face Book Blog Fan Page

I am sure that there are plenty of choices, more then what mentioned earlier, but I am giving my opinion according to my personal experience

Now to make sure that your gift is perfect

Ask yourself:

How do you treat her?

Do you smile when you are with her?

Do you ask her out for dinner without her calling you and begging you to spend time with her?

Do you call her and chat for more than 15 minutes, and you don`t talk about kids and work?

Do you Tell Her She's Beautiful Even if She Looks Bad One Day?

Do you ask her to leave the kids with you, and let her hangout with her friends at least for 3 hours?

I can go on , but if you answer Yes to these  questions, a romantic dinner will be enough for her because she knows that she is spending the best years of her life with you.

Thank you Mr. Friend from twitter, I wish the post will be helpful : )

My readers, tell me what do you think??


swera said...

okay, im sending this post to my husband (i guess)! we got married 2 months ago & my birthday is next month so if he forgets it ... well, let's just wait n see :Pp

Unknown said...

Great job I love the post suggestions

I have board for things i love and I want to make it easy for him to bring me gifts :D and to remind myself that I want them

Anonymous said...

Honestly it's the best post I have ever read I hope all Kuwaiti husbands take some useful tips to surprise their wives ;)).

Om khalody

Au natural said...

so sweet of you :)

Expat and the City said...

What a great post! You have amazing taste. My birthday is coming up and he keeps teasing me about my gifts. I'm really thankful to have the best gift of all ~ him. ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Au natural :thank u :)

Expat and the City : So sweet , wish you both all the best , :) cant wait for your Birthday post ;)

The Manhattan Team said...

Thank you SOOOO much for the recommendation! We hope you get what you wish for, sweetie! :)

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most important-helpful-saving the day ki d if post ! I love ur suggestions for all those clueless guys. Yep they are clueless, because if they spend 5 minutes thinking of how much effort their girls put into making their birthdays so special, they would easily realize that the girls deserve at least the same treatment and thoughtfulness back!

I like ur blog... I stumbled into it just today ;) good luck


Om 7amoodi said...

Yeeey im so happy to see my hubby birthday box ( pinkberry theme by wrapping mania) in ur post :p