Sunday, May 29, 2011

With Sukar , my life is Sukar ;)

This post is a confession , Today, I bought a new pair of shoes, I promised myself that i am going to start saving or at least ,stop shopping for a while :(
i am a shopaholic , and i can`t stop myself from shopping . I couldn`t resist that amazing United Nude sandals .

Eamz Ankle Sandal (White)

i started shopping online when i was just graduated from collage (2003 ) yes yes i am old :P back then ,  i fell in love with united nude heels , i got one gold sandal that everyone was asking me about it . The do  have amazing designs and fashion sense , you can check the web site here : unitednude and some of the designs :

While i was checking my e-mails , i opened that one from , "The first privet shopping club in the middle east " ,i found them , United nude heels , usually it was hard to find them online , sold some , but with , i found an amazing deal ,  the original price was : 76 K.D , i got for only 26 KD including the shipment fees directly to my door  , so without thinking i grabbed my MasterCard , and here i am waiting for shipment to arrive.

this is my first time shopping with them , after few hours from submitting my order , i received a phone call from them conforming my order :) and informing me the estimated time to receive my shipment .

As a first impression , i am satisfied ;)

To you , my dear JJ i know i promised you that i would stop random shopping , i know i broke my promise i know , please forgive me , but it was a great deal , and who could resiset such a great Deal :) walah walah akher marra .


Anonymous said...

عليج بالعافيه يهبلون

نون النساء said...

give us ur review for what order

لأن سمعت أشياء مو حلوة
في كون إن بضاعتهم قد تكون تقليد
وإذا كانت أصلية فماتكون جيدة بسبب سوء التخزين

مع ان شفت عندهم بعض الأشياء الحلوة وتغري صراحه


Anonymous said...

عاد ظهري يعورني صارلي جم يوم والصور زادت الالم لوول

NewQ8 Bride said...

Slashy: alaah y3afeech :)

نون النساء : امبيه !! تقليد ؟؟ تتوقعين ؟ والله مادري انطر و أشوف : ) و انشالله لا
بس ترى في وايد سايتات نفس الفكره بره بس يالله اجرب

Krkor: لوووول عاد و الله ترى مريحين

Anonymous said...

You should checkout MarkaVIP, much better prices, much better products and much better service! no kidding...

mimi said...

really ? they don't look comfortable to me at all :/ bas they're beautiful 3alech bel3afya hun