Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What`s going on ? DHL

Ahmad AL-Mosllam , a blogger and one of my tweeps post about DHL , an incident happened between his friend , and that famous company DHL .
to be honest i didn't try their services before but what happened to Ahmad`s friend was shocking here is what happened (i quote Ahmad's words)

"AbdulRahman's brother bought him a mobile while he was in the United Kingdom. He wanted to send it to him here in Kuwait. AbdulRahman specifically asked him to send it through DHL. He said "they cost more but they have a solid reputation as a world class company."

He trusted them that much, most people do.

But in the end, and even though they told him that it would take up to 5 days to arrive at AbdulRahman's door. He never received his shipment. And after two weeks of him calling them and hearing the same response "We are still investigating the matter" they decided to file a complaint. And what was their response?

"We will investigate the matter, and let you know of our decision by next week. We might pay you back up to 50% of the item's cost."

So they are not paying him the full price of the thing they have lost, or as we think, stolen. It seems like it is a huge accusation no? well, let me share with you a couple of facts, and you can be the judge of whether they stole it, or lost it but decided to steal 50% of its price. Or even lost it but not going to pay anything. (Since they said "We might pay you back" in their response to the complaint filed by AbdulRahman's brother.)

When he called them to ask about what's going on, since there was no status update, their response was that it is missing, and that they are investigating the matter. Yes, that is actually a confession of it being stolen by one of their employees. Because it never left that sort facility. It became "missing" while it was in that "sorting facility" which is probably more like a room where they keep the shipments and get them ready to be sent.

Last Tuesday, they stopped telling him "We are investigating the matter" and officially said "We ended the investigation, your shipment is missing."

How professional of them.

We are still waiting to hear their "decision" about whether they would try to make it up to him, by "maybe" paying him up to 50%, and nothing more. How responsible are you guys at DHL"

check Ahmad`s so you can take a look on  the shipment`s track page . really i am checked from all those shipping companies

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Miracle said...

You know for me I also paid so much for them to ship my miracle hair oil, and then even after I did my own paperwork to get it passed through ministry of health, I was supposed to receive it the same day a few hours later. And everytime I called they were telling me to call back after an hour, then they said pick it up tomorrow, i called tomorrow, they said come back tomorrow morning for sure it will be available. I went next morning, then they said we dont have your package. So i had to wait a few more days because it was the weekend. Then on sunday it turns out all this time they lost the papers i got signed by ministry of health that theyve checked my product and they can release it because they were asking me for another copy and I dont have a copy!! So unprofessional of them and when I said I will file a complaint, they said you dont have the right to file the complaint because the sender is the one who paid us not you!!!