Wednesday, May 25, 2011

P2B Mt7jba

What I like the most, are the comments I am receiving from all of you , thank you so much . I appreciate your efforts commenting on my posts :) also, I would like to thank my anonymous silent readers , I noticed that there have been amazing people who are reading my blog for a long time but they determine to stay anonymous, thanks a lot , I know that you are there , with me :*

 I received a wonderful comment from an anonymous reader regarding my pervious furious post :) thank you for such a splendid comment and comforting words. She asked me for an advice “ I know u travel a lot to the islands and some fun places where it can be really hot and humid...and I know you wear a hijab with style... sooo...I need yr help trying to figure out what to wear on my next vacation”

 I don`t know how to express that , but considering me Mt7ajba with style making me really happy and proud more by my Hejab . I can`t thank you enough cuzI received your comment on the right time , i had  an argument with a family member regarding the Hjab and about some strange  ideas that, woman wearing veils are not supposed to travel to certain places !! i got mad because i have to be proud of my hijab , and it will not stop me from traveling anywhere or doing anything  , my hijab is not an obstacle , yes i may complain sometimes , and i may hate it too but I love Allah more than anything ,  that is why I am wearing it .

 I want to be clear , I am not judging Non-Hijab girls , what I want to explain to everyone that although i look 100 times more beautiful without it and when I watch  girls walking around in the summer wearing attractive short dresses I do feel jealous , that will never stop me from defending my Hijab from those attackers .
I am not perfect , and i know i am not wearing the 100% correct  Islamic clothes , but i don`t like people who keep judging us and yshakkon b fartheyat el hijab .

 Anyway , lets leave the anger away , my lovely reader asked me to help her choose the proper resorts styles for Hijabs , so stay tuned for my post about what to wear in a resort if you are Mo7jaba .

i would be more than happy if you give me your suggestions :) so i can make post with various style and taste .

waiting ;)


Anonymous said...

You're amazing! Thank you :) for sometime I thought you just ignored my request...But I still need your help. My vacation will take place in july so I'm planning to go shopping ASAP. I sure will get a new swim suit from but I'm not sure about the rest of clothes I need to wear while in Hawaii :)

I'm glad my comment was sent on time ;)

I have a blog of my own, I went private for sometime now but I'm planning to get back to blogging publicly soon and I will blog about this trip and all the help I get...and I will let you know about it ;)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

sounds like it's going to be a great post .. can you include non-mt7ajba girls but at the same time they are conservative ?
ya3ny ana mo met7ajba bs also ma atfa9a5 and also wouldnt travel to such places like resorts and stuff because i think that i'll look weird between all those bikinis and dresses that cover %20 of those women's bodies

so please please please include el non-met7ajba bas at the same time ma t7eb el tezele6 lol