Sunday, May 22, 2011

My blog readers

Regarding my previous post , those who know my blog from the beginning are familiar with me posting whatever came to my mind , which is the same of what I am doing now in twitter .

My blog is my daily life , so it's fine with me to post about a misunderstanding between me and jj , a fight or any funny situation .

The difference , is that I am not anonymous anymore , I received some SMS s and massages asking if I am ok . Or if there is nothing wrong , I know you care about me , a friend asked me to delete it , I want to tell her I am sorry dear , I will not delete it . Because that is what I am using my blog for in the first place .

The readers used to comment on my personal posts , more than my general posts .

Ooh I miss those days .

Any way , it was a small argument that happens between couples , and that is normal , if I only post to show u that my life is perfect , I will not be honest with you or with myself and my writings will be fake .

I am presenting the real image of my daily life without a photoshop . ;)

The real me .

To you : we belong to each other :*

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swera said...

such arguments happen & ur life wouldn't be normal without tiny arguments :)

allah y5alekom 7g ba3a'6 wetammem 3alekom :)

Anonymous said...

حبيبتي هذا المميز فيج وببلوقج انج طبيعية ومومتصنعه كللش
which ilove
plz fe couples perfect? loool this is life and u are on the safety side


انا اصلن في الحياة والنت اضحك من اللي مسوين روحهم عايشين في زواج مثالي وكل يوم حلو !! اصلن شلون الزوجين يعرفون اطباع بعض الا بالمواقف السعيدة والتعيسة

الله يوفقكم ويبعد عين

Anonymous said...

fairytale marriages do not exist, its perfectly normal to argue

mimi said...

omg @@ it's no big deal and it's TRUE you're not the only married girl who suffers that problem .. i hate my husband's friend too because of that lol it's not fair i also hope that he feels the same joy going out with me like he does with his friend NO BIG DEAL

you are brave enough to put it out there and this makes people like me know that i'm not the only girl in the world who has issues in her marriage .. you are helping me and alot of girls out there knowing that we all face the same things in our marriage as well as the good things (this is what your blog is all about)

what matters THE MOST is that you and your husband are ok and like all arguments you reached an agreement .. arguements in marriage brings couples closer only smart people know this ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Swera : that is what makes the life normal :)

thank you 7abebte :)

Anony :مشكورة ةايد وايد هالكلام صج اللي يخليني اتحمس و ارجع اكتب مثل ما كنت
و صح كلامج الحياة المثالية اللي تكون مبالغ فيها فيها تمثيل الصراحة و اعتقد ان الشخصين ما يكونون على طبيعتهم

inspirationsbysd : i agree with you , and that what i am trying to clarify here in the blog , because people around us will never say the truth which makes others think that there are something wrong with their lives

mimi :loool that is a major problem i guess ;)

thank you dear for your comment , i mentioned that in my previous replay , that we live among people who don`t mind to lie and present their perfect fake life just to let others feel depressed :P

talking about myself if i noticed that what i am in is something normal , i will be more relifed , i am not talking here about serious and crucial problems , but about the daily life issues :)

Hope said...

e.salam 3laikom

well, it's your blog & it's a personal one so you can write what ever you want
what I've always loved about your blog is how spontaneous you are when you post, you just say it, straight forward =]

Allah y5aleekom lba3ath

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

That's what i love about you and ur blog from the first place!! that ur honest! and there nothing wrong with u being honest! no one is perfect and defiantly the marriage life..khaleeech mithil ma entay and ignore what other says! ;***

Anonymous said...

مالج شغل بأحد وأهم شي كتبي اللي في بالج

"Speak your mind even when your voice is shaking"

أنا جذي مدونتي..... أكتب ومحد يهمني اللي مو عاجبه عنده مدونات ثانيه ليش نعور روسنا وياهم؟

لا تغيرين نفسج عشان أي أحد لو مهما شنو مو قاعده تسوين شي غلط إنج تتكلمين وتقولين اللي في بالج

Marvellous_Marriage said...

Only one thing important is that you are strong enough to enter marriage life. All are ready and you will accept it heartily because that's what you choose.

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