Saturday, May 21, 2011

I hate him

I am not nagging or trying to control you , I don't like it when you take it personally .

I want to be with you , that's why I asked you how come you agreed to go out with him , and it's weekend ! And if asked u to go out on weekends u got mad !

Nothing more :(

T7sbne 3la salfat el6l3a ma3ak , :( as if its wajeb

I hate that , and I hate him , your friend

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Kuwaitiful said...

I guess guys sometimes want there "guy time".

NewQ8 Bride said...

I know , because I have my own Me time , but asking him out became diffecult , so askt o a6l3 with friends wala Ene I ask him o ysaweele salfa ,

Anonymous said...

Omgggg i knw exactly hw u feel, anh al6l3h with me wagb

Anonymous said...

The writer is simply naggy, clingy and over the top dramatic!

My advice: get a life.

Oh and fix your grammar; you gave me one hell of a headache reading your unorganized whine!

NewQ8 Bride said...

anony : yah i hate that feeling walah :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

anony 2 :

Ooh really?? Do u think I am dramatic? Hmmmmm and by wasting your time typing words full of hate, hmm what should I call that?? Sick?? Or lack of confidence?

And please be brave enough show yourself

God I miss those psychos creatures

Aalaa said...

anonymous: if her writing gives you headaches, then I have a great suggestion for you. How about you stop visiting her blog? Don't bother yourself and read all her "naggy" posts, ok?

New Bride: I have a suggestion for you ;p intay don't give him the feeling that your needy, Let him ask you out ;) hmmm or that might not work, ok 5ala9 malich shu3'ul feene I'm not married haha

Piscean said...

OMG!! Seriously I felt like I wrote this post..Some ppl don't have manners and impose themselves anyt day anytime..I'd be fine with it all week cz I have my time too..But weekends too?!!! COME ON!