Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Etehad airways + Shwarvisky ..what about us ?

Amenity Kits Tags 468x349 Etihad teams up with Swarovski

i remember long time ago , when my parents traveled they brought that amenity bags with the entail of Kuwait airways on them . that was history , i bet the new generation will never know that kind of luxury from a Kuwaiti airlines .
i was browsing online and i found that interesting news that Etehad airways teams up with shwarvisky to launched amenity kits for male and female passengers traveling in First class on flights between Abu Dhabi and selected cities.
i was wondering , are we going to have that reputation back ? Kuwait taking the leads among all the countries ? remember , that we used to be the no 1 gulf country . hmmm what i am wishing for is a huge change , i know everything around us is going deep down , but that will not stop me from being positive


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