Friday, May 27, 2011

What to wear for a resort vacation if you are Mt7ajba :)

As i mentioned earlier that i received a request about what to wear in your resort`s vacation if you are Mt7jaba ? also if you are non-mo7ajba but conservative girl .

to be honest , i am so scared about this post , i feel it is a big responsibility and i have to give my lovely 2 readers the best post ever .
Resorts vacations needs particular wardrobe preparations , and if you are Mt7jaba , it will be harder to choose what to where in a proper way that goes excellently with the hijab and to be chic at the same time
i prefer to stay in villa with privet pool , or to take trips to privet beaches , i believe most resorts offer these kind of specialized couples getaways , so i can wear whatever i desire from swimsuits and lovely dresses , shorts .....etc .

but i need some other clothes for the restaurants , and cafes . Here are some of the picks that i like :

1. Jumpsuite :

yes jumpsuites are perfect , make sure you choose a comfortable fabric , color and match them with accessories and slippers .

sample Set :

make sure the cardigans materials tkoon khafeefa , mo mn elnoo3 elthgeel .
2. Pants

i love this style , these pants ykoonoon waayed khfaaf , just wear a sleeveless shirt o fooga cardigan of course . waayed ra7 terta7en lah as a mt7jbaaa . don`t forget the accessories .


Sachin Babi For Ankasa floral print dress, $199
La Perla beach top, $570
Diane von Furstenberg kaftan top, $421
STEFFEN SCHRAUT black legging, 79 EUR
Body glove, $55
TopShop legging, $25
TopShop legging, $25

i don`t like to wear dresses , because i am short , but if your tall , a long dress will be perfect , my dresses are mid legged , so i wear them with leggings , tra i don`t like to wear legging with short dresses here in Kuwait , i never do that , but in Maldives no one really noticed or even stared at me that was the reason why i was so comfortable wearing whatever i wanted .

Now for  the swimsuits , i wear the Islamic swimsuit suite only if i am going to ride a jetski , or other water sports, but if your accommodation doesn`t include a privet pool , you will need to wear on the beach too .

To be honest , i don`t like how it is stuck around the head !! really looks funny, thanks to one of my friend who helped me to improve that Islamic swimsuit ;)

just wear a silk scarf around your head !! you know that style we call are calling (7jab bo rab6a ) i don`t wear it in kuwait , but it really looks amazing when you travel . My husband shway kan mo 7ab hal7jab bas waayed kan 3ajbne o style o 7loo . i don`t know if your husbend is ok with that bas walah if it was for me , i will wear it kil ma akoon msafraa .

i got a swimsuit suite from primomoda but as i aid i added scarves and accessories :

you know those scarves from Folar we used to wear before the cottons Hejabs ? these are perfect to wear them with the islamic sweim suite .

Trust me you will look fabulous , and no one will stare at your hejab and no one will give you a scanning look !! trust me enshalah u are going to place mafeeh Arabs or khaleejeen .

enshalah i have been helpful , walah adree mga9raa but really i wish you will like some of the choices .

and make sure to get accessories waayed , bangels and bracelets , not your expensive jwelaries ! just pass by American eagle , topshop and river island , lucky you it is summer so will find a great stuff . i wish i could publish my photos :P

this is the only picture i can post for me wearing the wide legged pants there :


Unknown said...

No wonder your blog is one of the best 100 blogs in Kuwait :) Thank you so much, you are so sweet!
I'm planning to start shopping this coming Monday inshallah and your suggestions are really great! I hope I'll find some jumpsuits, they look stylish and I'm glad you reminded me abt the accessories! I should get lots of these ;)I have a few long dresses that I will take with me as'll be just great inshallah:)
Thank you again for yr time and helpful tips !

mimi said...

amaaaaazing post .. thank you thank you so much

Anonymous said...

loved the post also the style wil pic at the end of the post

NewQ8 Bride said...

Nido : Oh God you made my day with your comment , thank you so much for your time reading the post . i read your blog and you are amazing mashalah :)

mimi: oh 7abeebte i wish it was helpful

slashy : 7abeebte thank u so much