Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What`s going on ? DHL

Ahmad AL-Mosllam , a blogger and one of my tweeps post about DHL , an incident happened between his friend , and that famous company DHL .
to be honest i didn't try their services before but what happened to Ahmad`s friend was shocking here is what happened (i quote Ahmad's words)

"AbdulRahman's brother bought him a mobile while he was in the United Kingdom. He wanted to send it to him here in Kuwait. AbdulRahman specifically asked him to send it through DHL. He said "they cost more but they have a solid reputation as a world class company."

He trusted them that much, most people do.

But in the end, and even though they told him that it would take up to 5 days to arrive at AbdulRahman's door. He never received his shipment. And after two weeks of him calling them and hearing the same response "We are still investigating the matter" they decided to file a complaint. And what was their response?

"We will investigate the matter, and let you know of our decision by next week. We might pay you back up to 50% of the item's cost."

So they are not paying him the full price of the thing they have lost, or as we think, stolen. It seems like it is a huge accusation no? well, let me share with you a couple of facts, and you can be the judge of whether they stole it, or lost it but decided to steal 50% of its price. Or even lost it but not going to pay anything. (Since they said "We might pay you back" in their response to the complaint filed by AbdulRahman's brother.)

When he called them to ask about what's going on, since there was no status update, their response was that it is missing, and that they are investigating the matter. Yes, that is actually a confession of it being stolen by one of their employees. Because it never left that sort facility. It became "missing" while it was in that "sorting facility" which is probably more like a room where they keep the shipments and get them ready to be sent.

Last Tuesday, they stopped telling him "We are investigating the matter" and officially said "We ended the investigation, your shipment is missing."

How professional of them.

We are still waiting to hear their "decision" about whether they would try to make it up to him, by "maybe" paying him up to 50%, and nothing more. How responsible are you guys at DHL"

check Ahmad`s so you can take a look on  the shipment`s track page . really i am checked from all those shipping companies

Sunday, May 29, 2011

With Sukar , my life is Sukar ;)

This post is a confession , Today, I bought a new pair of shoes, I promised myself that i am going to start saving or at least ,stop shopping for a while :(
i am a shopaholic , and i can`t stop myself from shopping . I couldn`t resist that amazing United Nude sandals .

Eamz Ankle Sandal (White)

i started shopping online when i was just graduated from collage (2003 ) yes yes i am old :P back then ,  i fell in love with united nude heels , i got one gold sandal that everyone was asking me about it . The do  have amazing designs and fashion sense , you can check the web site here : unitednude and some of the designs :

While i was checking my e-mails , i opened that one from Sukar.com , "The first privet shopping club in the middle east " ,i found them , United nude heels , usually it was hard to find them online , asos.com sold some , but with sukar.com , i found an amazing deal ,  the original price was : 76 K.D , i got for only 26 KD including the shipment fees directly to my door  , so without thinking i grabbed my MasterCard , and here i am waiting for shipment to arrive.

this is my first time shopping with them , after few hours from submitting my order , i received a phone call from them conforming my order :) and informing me the estimated time to receive my shipment .

As a first impression , i am satisfied ;)

To you , my dear JJ i know i promised you that i would stop random shopping , i know i broke my promise i know , please forgive me , but it was a great deal , and who could resiset such a great Deal :) walah walah akher marra .

Hollywood memoirs to go on sale at Debbie Reynolds Auction

from : bornrich.com

1-Marylyn Monroe’s halter neck dress : The estimated values between $1 to $ 2 million!!

monroes subway dress from the seven year itch
2. Katherine Hepburn’s High-Neck Ascot Gown in Mary of Scotland .

mary of scotland gown

Katherine Hepburn
i want this dress woow shaklaa hathaa 3ajeeeb
3. Charlie Chaplin’s signature Bowler Hat

charlie chaplin hat

4. Judy Garland’s Ruby Shoes

One of five pairs  designed by Adrian Greenberg of MGM studios and believed worn by Garland for test and wardrobe shots in the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz." Dorothy's .
5. Elizabeth Taylor’s headgear in Cleopatra
taylor head gear
Abeee , Abeeeee , waayed waayed eyaanin 

6. Vivian Leigh’s headgear in Gone With the Wind

imagine how it feels to own anything from a cinematic history movie .
7. Julie Andrews Blouse in The Sound of Music

richard burtons dress cleopatra

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Ray, a drop of golden sun

Me, a name I call myself

Far, a long long way to run

wanaaasaaaaa :)
8. Charlton Heston’s Tunic and Robe, in Ben Hur

charlton heston tunic and robe from benhur

i don`t know !!!! how much will anyone pay for ............ that thing :P

9. Marylyn Monroe’s red dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

marylyn monroe red dress in gentlemen prefer blondes

10. Claudette Cobert’s golden gown in Cleopatra

claudette colbert gown in cleopatra

what item will you bid , if you have the chance to attend the Aucation?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Newq8bride in Blog@ app

Thanks to Mr. Fahad For this Amazing App :)

Now all of you can read my blog on the go :)

Thanks a lot and wish you all the best

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Friday, May 27, 2011

What to wear for a resort vacation if you are Mt7ajba :)

As i mentioned earlier that i received a request about what to wear in your resort`s vacation if you are Mt7jaba ? also if you are non-mo7ajba but conservative girl .

to be honest , i am so scared about this post , i feel it is a big responsibility and i have to give my lovely 2 readers the best post ever .
Resorts vacations needs particular wardrobe preparations , and if you are Mt7jaba , it will be harder to choose what to where in a proper way that goes excellently with the hijab and to be chic at the same time
i prefer to stay in villa with privet pool , or to take trips to privet beaches , i believe most resorts offer these kind of specialized couples getaways , so i can wear whatever i desire from swimsuits and lovely dresses , shorts .....etc .

but i need some other clothes for the restaurants , and cafes . Here are some of the picks that i like :

1. Jumpsuite :

yes jumpsuites are perfect , make sure you choose a comfortable fabric , color and match them with accessories and slippers .

sample Set :

make sure the cardigans materials tkoon khafeefa , mo mn elnoo3 elthgeel .
2. Pants

i love this style , these pants ykoonoon waayed khfaaf , just wear a sleeveless shirt o fooga cardigan of course . waayed ra7 terta7en lah as a mt7jbaaa . don`t forget the accessories .


Sachin Babi For Ankasa floral print dress, $199
La Perla beach top, $570
Diane von Furstenberg kaftan top, $421
STEFFEN SCHRAUT black legging, 79 EUR
Body glove, $55
TopShop legging, $25
TopShop legging, $25

i don`t like to wear dresses , because i am short , but if your tall , a long dress will be perfect , my dresses are mid legged , so i wear them with leggings , tra i don`t like to wear legging with short dresses here in Kuwait , i never do that , but in Maldives no one really noticed or even stared at me that was the reason why i was so comfortable wearing whatever i wanted .

Now for  the swimsuits , i wear the Islamic swimsuit suite only if i am going to ride a jetski , or other water sports, but if your accommodation doesn`t include a privet pool , you will need to wear on the beach too .

To be honest , i don`t like how it is stuck around the head !! really looks funny, thanks to one of my friend who helped me to improve that Islamic swimsuit ;)

just wear a silk scarf around your head !! you know that style we call are calling (7jab bo rab6a ) i don`t wear it in kuwait , but it really looks amazing when you travel . My husband shway kan mo 7ab hal7jab bas waayed kan 3ajbne o style o 7loo . i don`t know if your husbend is ok with that bas walah if it was for me , i will wear it kil ma akoon msafraa .

i got a swimsuit suite from primomoda but as i aid i added scarves and accessories :

you know those scarves from Folar we used to wear before the cottons Hejabs ? these are perfect to wear them with the islamic sweim suite .

Trust me you will look fabulous , and no one will stare at your hejab and no one will give you a scanning look !! trust me enshalah u are going to place mafeeh Arabs or khaleejeen .

enshalah i have been helpful , walah adree mga9raa but really i wish you will like some of the choices .

and make sure to get accessories waayed , bangels and bracelets , not your expensive jwelaries ! just pass by American eagle , topshop and river island , lucky you it is summer so will find a great stuff . i wish i could publish my photos :P

this is the only picture i can post for me wearing the wide legged pants there :

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of the top 100 blogs in Kuwait

Although I am number 78 :) but I am happy , thanks danderma for letting me know :)

Check Danderma's blog , she posted the list there

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Cafe Bazza ; our Past in a Modern View

طلعتنا الإسبوعية انا و امي و اختي خلينها يوم الأربعاء ، هاليوم يكون بس لنا احنا الثلاثة من غير دخلاء :)

دايما اقول حق امي انه نحتاج وقت لنا احنا بروحنا :)

و بما اني انا راعية المطاعم و الهياته فانا اللي اختارهم المطعم و لازم احط فبالي انه امي معانا يعني لازم نروح مكان اكله يكون مناسب ما يكون (سوشي) لأنها تكره  و اختي بعد ما تحب الزحمه و اللويه

بعد ما قريت وايد عن كافيه بزة ، حطيت فبالي انه نروح

i asked in twitter if i need to make a reservation , they followed me and replied directly that there are no need to book a table

وصلنا هناك الساعة 7 بعد المغرب على طول ، توقيتنا كان وايد زين دخلنا على طول و لقينا طاوله

اللي وصلوا بعدنا كلهم حطوا اساميهم و نطروا

من دخلنا و انا جني ياهل بس منبهره
كل شي عجيب مشالله ، الديكور و الجو العام والموسيقى اتينن
المكان يديد و مشالله كل شي كامل ، الخدمة ممكن يكونون شوي بطيئين و متوترين بس كانوا على طول من اييبون الطلب يعتذرون و يقولون سامحونا على اي تقصير ، و طبعا هالشي لأن المكان يديد

هذي بعض الصور ، تصويري مو شي لأن كاميرتي مو معاي ف صورت بالبلاكبيري

و طقينا الباب

حدي حدي حبيت المسكه اتينن

اللوحات كانت تينن ما يدري الواحد وين يطالع :)

اي انا ما عندي كيري ميري

فكرة  تقسيم المنيو وايد حلوة يمكن الكل كتب عنها بس هم حق اللي ما شاف

وايد انواع من الريوق انشالله بجربها


انواع خبز التنور اللي فوقهم جبن او مسخن

هني عاد سوالف العيوش حق الغدا ، الصفحة اللي بعدها تكملة المثل (يطلعه الملاس ) بس مادري وين الصورة

و هني الحلو :)

ابي ارجع مره ثانية باكل بلاليط

كان في صفحة المقبلات و مسمينها الشروكة

طلبنا بطاط بزة وااااااايد عجبني
و سلطة بزة عجيييبة

الخبز بالتنور اختي طبعا قرمت قرمة قبل لا اصور جان اقولها رديها لووول

الحلوم لذيذ و المسخن انا مو وايد حبيته
امي حبت اللي على قشطه و مربى التين

ااااخ الفيمتو اينن

امي طلبت شاي حليب :)

ِAt the end i order Konafa which was really luscious as well as light on the stomach .

My over all experience was amazing , if i am going to grade Cafe Bazza in a grade scale out of ten ; definitely i am giving them 10 out of 10.

i know that after the official opening , Cafe Bazza will be one of the cosmopolitan spots in Kuwait every visitor must try it .

Good luck and wish you all the best

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

لوبوتان النصر لك :) سان لوران ، ارحل

YSL fires back at Christian Louboutin regarding the sue by him earlier this year accusing them for selling a pair of red-soled shoes , YSL says " Louboutin didn’t invent red soles and therefore can’t prevent anyone else from making shoes that feature them."

“Red outsoles are a commonly used ornamental design feature in footwear, dating as far back as the red shoes worn by King Louis XIV in the 1600s and the ruby red shoes that carried Dorothy home in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ” YSL says in court papers.from http://www.styleite.com/

aham shay Dorothy !!!

i am loyal to Louboutin , i will never wear Red Soled Shoes if they are not designed by him :)

christian louboutin
سير يا لوبوتان و نحن من ورائك ، النصر لك

سان لوران


"كل من في قلبه شقى لليله " 

P2B Mt7jba

What I like the most, are the comments I am receiving from all of you , thank you so much . I appreciate your efforts commenting on my posts :) also, I would like to thank my anonymous silent readers , I noticed that there have been amazing people who are reading my blog for a long time but they determine to stay anonymous, thanks a lot , I know that you are there , with me :*

 I received a wonderful comment from an anonymous reader regarding my pervious furious post :) thank you for such a splendid comment and comforting words. She asked me for an advice “ I know u travel a lot to the islands and some fun places where it can be really hot and humid...and I know you wear a hijab with style... sooo...I need yr help trying to figure out what to wear on my next vacation”

 I don`t know how to express that , but considering me Mt7ajba with style making me really happy and proud more by my Hejab . I can`t thank you enough cuzI received your comment on the right time , i had  an argument with a family member regarding the Hjab and about some strange  ideas that, woman wearing veils are not supposed to travel to certain places !! i got mad because i have to be proud of my hijab , and it will not stop me from traveling anywhere or doing anything  , my hijab is not an obstacle , yes i may complain sometimes , and i may hate it too but I love Allah more than anything ,  that is why I am wearing it .

 I want to be clear , I am not judging Non-Hijab girls , what I want to explain to everyone that although i look 100 times more beautiful without it and when I watch  girls walking around in the summer wearing attractive short dresses I do feel jealous , that will never stop me from defending my Hijab from those attackers .
I am not perfect , and i know i am not wearing the 100% correct  Islamic clothes , but i don`t like people who keep judging us and yshakkon b fartheyat el hijab .

 Anyway , lets leave the anger away , my lovely reader asked me to help her choose the proper resorts styles for Hijabs , so stay tuned for my post about what to wear in a resort if you are Mo7jaba .

i would be more than happy if you give me your suggestions :) so i can make post with various style and taste .

waiting ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

يما ما اصدق !!! ب 36 الف دينار !!!!

صج الناس اذواق ، بعد قلبي ما بقى احد ما عييب عليها و ماشالله انباعت القبعة بالمزاد تقريبا
ب 36 الف دينار

"Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat reaches over £80,000 on eBay
The bidding war for Princess Beatrice's iconic Philip Treacy hat finishes tonight with the current bid standing at £81,000.01.
Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/

My blog readers

Regarding my previous post , those who know my blog from the beginning are familiar with me posting whatever came to my mind , which is the same of what I am doing now in twitter .

My blog is my daily life , so it's fine with me to post about a misunderstanding between me and jj , a fight or any funny situation .

The difference , is that I am not anonymous anymore , I received some SMS s and massages asking if I am ok . Or if there is nothing wrong , I know you care about me , a friend asked me to delete it , I want to tell her I am sorry dear , I will not delete it . Because that is what I am using my blog for in the first place .

The readers used to comment on my personal posts , more than my general posts .

Ooh I miss those days .

Any way , it was a small argument that happens between couples , and that is normal , if I only post to show u that my life is perfect , I will not be honest with you or with myself and my writings will be fake .

I am presenting the real image of my daily life without a photoshop . ;)

The real me .

To you : we belong to each other :*

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I hate him

I am not nagging or trying to control you , I don't like it when you take it personally .

I want to be with you , that's why I asked you how come you agreed to go out with him , and it's weekend ! And if asked u to go out on weekends u got mad !

Nothing more :(

T7sbne 3la salfat el6l3a ma3ak , :( as if its wajeb

I hate that , and I hate him , your friend

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oooh my mood

i don't know what is wrong with me , but i feel down , i know my self that everything around me definitely will be attached to my mood and feelings .

i know that what`s going around politically making me feel pissed off and irritated .

i need a rest i know that , moreover i feel lost , i need to be part of something , a project or whatever .

aaaah i don't know

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sketch ? Why not Q8?

one of the blogs that I really love, amazing talent and ideas . That's what I am looking for in a blog ,instead of all the "wasee6 style " and yellow pages blogs . Anyway I was planning to post that sketch long time ago , bas yalaah it's never to late

Check the blog :

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lace Mask , hmmm

Do think that we r going to see that in parties ????

Expect the unexpected ;)

If u r interested check  supermarkethq

Most Popular

The week's most popular post on my blog is :


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Gucci event :)

Today was the Event of Gucci Kuwait city , to be honest I was not going to make it regarding some issues , but finally I did it :)
I went there 15 minutes early , the entrance was closed , I waited outside with some of the people who were invited and we were Waiting for the opening .
At 6:30 sharp , the door was opened , our names were checked , although I don't know why they couldn't find my name in the list !! Which was somewhat weird .
Thanks God i had my invitation with me , any way , the staffs were so friendly they welcomed me and i took a look around observing those amazing artisans functioning their techniques, forming astonishing pieces .

I love brands such as Gucci , and now  I appreciate the hard work those craftsmen do during the production of every item in the Gucci collection .

I wonder what do they feel with all the replicas around the world :/

So , if you own any leather Gucci bag , wallet , cards holder , or ipad cases, all you have to do is to head to Gucci store at 360 Mall to be personalized

There are also hand bags that are still in the process , you can purchase one of them and they will make the in front of you with writing your  name initials , moreover the handbags are limited edition for Kuwait city :)

I loved it , the event was well planned , the staffs were super friendly and helpful .

Unfortunately I didn't meet The store manager , Ms. Sawsan i dont know why I felt shy to ask about her :p

Any way don't miss that opportunity and harry up to 360

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قصة بلدنا

تذكرون كان في اغنيه باول الثمانينات كلماتها :

قوم اروي يا راوي ...... قصه بلدنا

ام السراي الضاوي ........ حبنا و سعدنا

قصة بلدنا .... كانت حلوه ... زرعت بقلوبنا حب هالديره وولائها بوقت ما عرفنا و لا هقينا انه اللي بغيرون احداث هالقصه عايشين بيينا !!!!!

بعد اللي صار اليوم ما في شي ينقال يقدر يقوله هالراوي

الله يستر من اللي قاعد يصير

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The lightning strike & Thunder storm Video , Must see

while i was at the movies :P JJ was home alone recording the storm please check 1:30 minutes , it was really scary

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Etehad airways + Shwarvisky ..what about us ?

Amenity Kits Tags 468x349 Etihad teams up with Swarovski

i remember long time ago , when my parents traveled they brought that amenity bags with the entail of Kuwait airways on them . that was history , i bet the new generation will never know that kind of luxury from a Kuwaiti airlines .
i was browsing online and i found that interesting news that Etehad airways teams up with shwarvisky to launched amenity kits for male and female passengers traveling in First class on flights between Abu Dhabi and selected cities.
i was wondering , are we going to have that reputation back ? Kuwait taking the leads among all the countries ? remember , that we used to be the no 1 gulf country . hmmm what i am wishing for is a huge change , i know everything around us is going deep down , but that will not stop me from being positive


Read more: Etihad teams up with Swarovski

LUXUO Luxury Blog http://www.blogger.com/goog_417201447

Gucci : 90 years in business

The house of Gucci is celebrating their 90 years in business by releasing their new collection '1921' this summer.

The number `1921` will be attached to a number of the brand's best-known classics including the Bamboo, Jackie and Horsebit bags, which will all be made over in new fabrics and colors. We are going to be able to purchase the collection on June .

Gucci of Kuwait city will host a special event dedicated to Gucci's Florentine Artisans and their time honored craft . "The Artisan Corner "will take place on Wednesday May 18, 2011 .

Cant wait :) and stay tuned for my coverage of the event :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Brides : Royal Brides :)

 Who Is Zara Phillips?

Unlike Her Cousin Prince Willilam , Zara Phillip , the grand daughter of Queen Elzabith , and the 13th in line to the throne is going to have a lower-key wedding in Scotland on June 30 . Her mother Princess Ann declined titles for her children .

Zara will turned 30 today , she is an outdoor-fashion designer. And she almost represented Britain at the Olympics before her injury .

So , more royals , and more royal dresses are expected to the surface , defiantly will make a huge influence in our weddings here in Kuwait . what do you think ????

what wedding dresses we are going to see on our newly brides ? lets wait and see

June & and July are full of wedding parties . so my schedule will be super full

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Every Couples want that ;)

Every couples are royal on their own way , so not only W & C could have Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfumes , you 2 can purchase your own Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for $865, without your initials on it. :P

customized his and hers clive christian no 1 perfumes for the royal couple

it is posted in  Born Rich   "Billed as the world’s most expensive perfume, the scent is created from the rarest and finest ingredients. The special bottles come inside a black case with the royal coat of arms hand-embroidered inside. The perfume bottles are hand-cut crystal, featuring a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire. The couple’s initials have been carved in gold, and that makes it a perfect gift for a Royal couple."

i will post more The Royal Couple`s gift

Pregnant and gorgeous with H&M

Attending an event or hanging out with your cute belly will not be a hard task for you , most pregnant girls I know will hate to be invited to a wedding or receptions , but you can be The stylish lovely pregnant lady just like Emily Deschanel dressing in head-to-toe H&M at an event in Beverly Hills!

Wooow , loved the color , i encourage you ladies to wear bright colors , you don't have to wear black or dark .

Her outfit is from H&M , even the clutch , she likes H&M shoes and bags since she don't like to wear leather :)

More photos :


The Price :

Dress: KD 16.900
Shoes: KD 11.900

Harry up ladies ;)

( Thanks a lot Fajer , from M.H. Alshaya Co. W.L.L.
Retail Division)

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