Friday, April 01, 2011

Off to Dubai on my twenties , back when i am 30 enshalah

One day left until i am going to embark a new phase in my life . i chatted about The big day a lot , i guess most of you noticed that and got bored too .

I can`t describe the feelings , maybe some of you will think that I am exaggerating , the truth is, I have mixed thrills , I am happy , scared and excited .

I know 30 is just a number , but I don`t know why I need to hear those words daily : You don`t look like you are 30 . what makes me happy , that (el7amdela ) everybody keeps telling me that i am glowing , a friend told me that i look younger than last year , i am tanned , and somehow i am back to my ideal weight , over all i am satisfied with my look .

I am scared , because i will hate it if people tempt to treat me , as if i am an old woman , i will keep wearing lady GaGa`s shirts , smurfs pajamas and i want to have fun and enjoy my life . i have that image in my mind , the stereotype of women in their 30s , the boring ones , i don`t want to be like them , i know time changes and people changes . one more thing (i promised my self not talk about that matter again ) i do not want to glance the look of pity in people`s eyes because i am not a mother yet , since i am fine :) i am really fine .

I am excited , because i know that becoming 30 means , beautiful and sexy look with an astonishing hair and dazzling skin ;) so lets see , i am waiting for you , my Big Day , enshalah everything will be shining ,and full of cheerfulness

Dear JJ : here i am turning 30 and i am in love with  you :) i hope you will love more , i know i am getting crazier :P but you know that you are the reason of my happiness and bliss :* and i am Thirty Flirty and Thriving


Danderma said...

weeh fra'3a

the whole hoopla about turning 30 is only as big as u make it

se2lene ana ele sawait mana7a laish i am turning 30

o el7en wala ka2ana shay 9aar

i am still me... crazy old me... if anything people are surprised that i am 30 ygolon ma ybayn 3lay... which makes me chuckle inside... i am 19 inside, i will always be 19 inside... welle mo 3ajbah khal ye6eg rasah ib agrab 6oofa

Enjoy ur birthday sweety without that sad ur 30 feeling... it's just another number... by the way, people are said to be aged 33 in heaven... just a note y3ni

Big Pearls said...

Happy Birthday dear. il 3omer killah enshalla:)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday in advance... may you have health, happiness, and love this year and many more years to come. Honestly, I think my life really started at 30 (I just turned 33).. I got married at 28, and when I got to almost 30 we had just gotten over all those little adjustments etc that the first year of marriage brings. We had so much fun together and really enjoyed our time... then we were blessed with a baby 7amdilah.. but that didn't happen until I was 31.. At this point I really feel I am at my best, because I am happy, healthy, feel my best, and look my best. Good bye to the insecurities of my 20s and hello to the fabulous me in my 30s... and you are not defined as (only) a wife or mom, that is only one part of an identity.. you are identified as your fabulous self :) xxx f

Expat and the City said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you have a great time in Dubai. :)