Sunday, April 17, 2011

My post is Full of Anger !!

They are waiting for that day , to come to them and declare our separation . She thinks she is the best , the one who is waiting

i don`t want to revel the truth to you because you may hate your life honey .

i am in love , we will never leave each other , enshalah .

He loves me no matter what difficulties we r facing , we are there for each other , and i want to tell you one thing

I'm so happy and satisfied with everything in my life . i am living the Life of a new Bride even after 5 years  ;)

You r the one who needs to check on her life . ok


Expat and the City said...

I wish you another five year honeymoon. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am always shocked people like this exist. Dont let them get to you xx

mimi said...

ummmm .. i'm trying to understand it but it sounds like a puzzle lol

who is hoping that you seperate from your hubby ?!!? that person really has issues seriously

i may have not understood your post well newbride but every "happy" couple have people who sit and watch them wishing that they would have a big fight or something bad happens to them (YES people like that exist) fe nas ma yetmanon el 5er 7ag el happy looking people and envy them

allah yakfeena sharhom w yakfeech shar whoever you were talking about..what matters is that you are young,healthy,happily married and in love

two words : Be cool
no one is worth destroying your good mood, kill them with your smile and laughter

NewQ8 Bride said...

Expat and the City : thank u so much ;)

Anony : yah enshalah :) sorry for this angry post

mimi : Looooool mimi , 7adda puzzle , it is one of the posts that written spontaneously , hubby got scared , he thought something wrong was happening , I was angry because some people are telling me enah one day he will leave me because men yaboon el3yal !! I think if you love someone you will love him no matter the situations are , maybe he will be sick , maybe u will not have kids . people who separated they are not in love

mimi said...

New Bride : MALAAT 3ALEEEHOM !!!! someone actually thinks this way ?! omg how sick can people be ?! from the things you say about ur hubby mashalla he sounds like an amazing guy mashala mashala allah yhaneech ya rab w yab3ed 3ankom el 3en .. i'm sure that he's not married to you because your a baby-factory tyebeela 3yaal (this thought was made for el 3agad) he married you because he wouldn't imagine his life without you

i know a guy ( a relative) who has kids bs his wife passed away in a car accident .. you have nooooo idea how people bugged him and his wife to have kids when they first got married, they had a problem and paid 1000s KDs to have two babies now that she's gone yegol i'd trade all my kids to have her back t5ayelay ! maskeen ye3awer el galb
kids will get married one day and start their new lives elsewhere when at the end you'll be two again .. ur kids won't be around but you and you husband will be together and THAT'S the real blessing

People who think that having kids makes a marriage successful better SHUT UP .. if this is a way YOU did to tie your husband to the house it's NOT our way

i got too excited sorry lol

bent el deera said...

الله يخليكم حق بعض ولا يفرقكم ان شاء الله و

Anonymous said...

حبيبتي الاطفال عمرهم ماكانوا سبب لسعادة ياما ناس بينهم عيال ووشفيهم انفصلوا او يخونها سمالله عليج او غير سعيدين !!!

العيال مو سبب لسعادة الزوجية يمكن شي مهم او في مجتمعنا شي لازززززم يكون موجود بس ماعتبره نهاية الحياة الزوجية اذا الله ماكتب

بعدين توكم 5 سنين !!!!! في ناس 10 واكثر ومشالله الله رزقهم

صدقيني الريال اذا حب مرته حب عياله واذا كره زوجته كررررره عياله وكل شي يربطه فيها ويروح يدور حياته بره

ماعليج من الناس اللي جذي السلبيييين اللي بس يبون يحبطون ويزرعون الحزن بحياة غيرهم

قوليلهم الله سبحانه بيده كل شي

واذا ريلي يحبني فبتم معاي

بعيال او بدون عيال

هذي الحقيقة

وياناس ياااااااااااااااشر كفايه قررررر

والله يرزقج انتي وكل بنت يااااارب

NewQ8 Bride said...

mimi : waaaay 7abeebte , thank you dear , i know that walah , if the there is real love between the couples nothing will matter , maybe I said it before , every individual has his own prospective regarding marriage . There are no stereotype for husband and wife , bas 3ndna bl Kuwait ylaw3oon elchabd :P kil wa7da 3abalha ehya el 9a7 o tabe tmashe her life 3ala el kil .

bent el deera :
آمين يا رب :) تسلمين حبيبتي

Anony :

الحمدالله على كل شي :) انا انسانة مرتاحة و راضية باللي الله كاتبه لي و اعتقد هذا الشي اللي مخلي البعض مستغرب اني شلون قادره اكمل و اعيش حياتي طبيعية

احنا بالكويت كل وحده تبي تطبق حياتها على غيرها هذي المشكله

اهم شي انه الواحد لما يحط راسه على المخده يكون مرتاح سواء متزوج او مو متزوج او عنده عيال او لأ

مشكورة وايد على وقتج الثمين

Ra-1 said...

مشكلة هالناس إلي ماعندهم سالفة إلا يطالعون غيرهم ويعلقون ويتدخلون! الله يكافينا شرهم

:* الله يخليكم لبعض
ويرزقكم الذرية الصالحة بالوقت المناسب لأن كل شي له حكمة واحنا ما نعلم شنو الي الله سبحانه وتعالى مانعة عنكم ويمكن يكون فيه شر
عيشوا يومكم ومالكم شغل بالناس المرضى ولا بكلامهم

ولا تخلين أحد يكسر ثقتج بنفسج لأن هالصفة أحبها وايد فيج :)