Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets Talk Dubai

I guess you guys are getting enough from all that fuzz about my 30th birthday :P and that's what i desired for a birthday, to let the whole world celebrates with me:)

My hero, agreed on celebrating my birthday in Dubai , oh i forget to mention that we have that birthday`s rule , which to ask for what we want as a gift ;)

That`s it khla9 stop talking Birthday , Let's Talk Dubai ..

i am in love with Dubai , and i keep falling in love more and more every time i visit that place . its full of a life and energy , YOU CAN FEEL THE EXCITEMENT, DEEP INSIDE

i already had the plan to do my spring /summer shopping, thats why choosing Almanzil Hotel for our accommodation was the perfect choice . a lovely hotel , amazing staff and a romantic rooms , moreover you can walk to Dubai mall through Souk Al Bahar which i think it was really helpful to burn all the calories i am going to gain there

our Room :) some people didn't like the open toilet area , for me i loved it :)

i was expecting special arraignments because hubby informed them that the purpose of our visit is to celebrate my birthday , a red rose perhaps ?? but i didn`t receive anything , so this is my only complain

we arrived one day before the big day , had a nap and ran to the mall in harry because i feelt that we were running out of time , i wanted to go shopping so badly .

on my way to Dubai Mall

Dubai mall was crowded , once we arrived the mall was filled with small booths , which i noticed later that it was a competition called "Young Entrepreneur Competition " it is an event brings together students from across the UAE to present and sell their products , God the place was full of people , young boys and girls in a competitive environment :)

one of the things that i wanted to do is to get a new pair of loubouies on the morning of my birthday , all my friends know how i feel regarding Chirstian loubotin`s shoes . i am in love with everything made by Monsieur Louboutin .

we took the hotel`s shuttle bus to Emirates mall , the time written in the schedule was to be there at 9:30 A.M. , and 9:30 sharp we were there .

mashalah u feel that everything is working according to a plan . i wish here in Kuwait we have that dynamic plan to run the country .

i went to louboutin boutique , get that amazing Lady clou heels , i was disappointed that i couldn't find any handbags , they didn`t receive them yet .

aah am in love

Shopping at Boutique1 is a must , i insist , a must , i loved the boutique , the costumer services and the display of the clothes and the accessories :)

even hubby got excited and liked the place that he got himself a cards holder wallet and a case for his mobiles and stuff , also i got a lovely satchel from Mulberry , the sales lady was so sweet , and i have to mentioned that i loved the costumer services there .

i continued my shopping till the last day of my lovely amazing Birthday gift from jj .

for you : i know i was acting like a kid asking you to keep taking photos of me everywhere all the time , roaming with me at the mall . and for Loving me . i don't care what others will say about me , i am your and i am proud you r mine


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday :)

by the way, I've bene following your blog since the old days, and I must say that mashallah your English writing has improved SO much from when you started blogging.

LadyB_Q8 said...

I just have one remark can just try to minimize the amounts of spaces between the pragraphes its very distracting :/

Ra-1 said...

الله يخليكم حق بعض :*

بعد ما شفت الهدوم الي شريتيهم ذاك اليوم والجواتي تشوقت زيادة ان شالله لازم أروح دبي هالشهر :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anon : ohhh thank u so much , walah I have to improve my language , it's a shame that I am an English graduate with weak writing skills :) I will try my best . Thank u so much

LadyB : sorry dear bas hatha elpost thb7nee 9rlee over 10 days kil ma abee aswee lah publish y3tfs so akher Shay chthee 9aar . I will edit it now :)

Ra1: 7beeebte :* eee enshalah :) u have to

Bits 'n' Pieces said...

Very interesting to see some1 writing such a positive post about my city =p I can't imagine being in Dubai mall during the competition! I knw it was VERY crowded, especially on the weekend and in the evening
Glad u had fun =)

BFestive said...

happy bday :D! I really loved those shoes too but sadly my size was out of stock, hope u had a blast!