Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kuwaiti couples (1)

Mr. Kuwaiti : plz lebsay bsr3a we are late ( he is asking her to dress up quickly because they r late )

Mrs. Kuwaiteya : eee 7beebe enshalah khla9t 7ta make up mane 7a6a ( ok dear am already done , I didn't even apply makeup )

Mr.Kuwaiti : la 3adee 7e6ay k7el ( just apply eyeliner )

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : shno ?? Shga9dik ? Ana jakooor ya3nee ??? ( do u mean that am ugly ?h

Mr.Kuwaiti : (confused) ma gelt chthe !!! ( I didnt say that )

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : u did :( go away , leave me alone


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Soul said...

I think he implied that no need for so much makeup for such a beautiful face.

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

LoooL.. maskeeen XP

ms_daisy said...

hahaha ambaih story of my life ;P
love ur blog by the way.