Friday, April 29, 2011

Help me and think :) what should I do

Imagine what kind of tips I can provide you ladies according to my crazy experience :p

My sweet lovely jj didn't set any rules for me regarding going out with friends , family , or alone . He never asked me to come back at a cretin time , unless I keep contacting him . SMS , bbm , what's app or calling him .

My sweet cupcake , my amazing cream pie will turn to the craziest Lentil soup :p if I , under any circumstances forgot to call him .

Today , I went out with my friend and my mobile acts crazy , it turned off without any warning , regarding that , I know something not goooooooooood is waiting for me .

Let's think together what you should do if u been in the same situation or you arrived home late ( most girls in Kuwait are complaining regarding that )

-if he is home -

Trick 1. : open the door as if you are going to die , you are so tired , you don't know what wrong with you , tell you are having , a headache , stomach pain or a stroke , what ever comes to your mind .

He may believe you but he will not care about you , all what he will do is to remain silent , which is good by the way :p

Trick 2 : open the door while your talking on the phone ( I couldn't do that my mobile is dead ) act as if you are fighting with your mom , sister , friends , the tailer 7beebeoooo . Keep in mind to call the the Bank , calling center or 113 incase he called you before your entrance :p
In this situation he will ask you what's wrong , so let's your imagination fly :p

-If he is out :

Trick 1:

If no one noticed what time you come home , shut up and don't say a word . No apologizing , no calling , changed your clothes to your unmatched pajama , and jump in the couch :p

Trick 2:

In my case he is mad because I am not calling , so I will call him , act as if am crying and feeling guilty :p this will not work with me , or act funny and make a fool of yourself

Trick 3: send a SMS , or bl bb telling him how much you are love him and blah blah blah m and you are sorry , and other girly stuff

When he comes back home , smile , jump and hug him :p

Or Do what am I doing now , write a post about him ;)

Dear walah am sorry ;)

Let's wait and see what will happens ;)


Unknown said...

aww!!! loved the situations! specially the AM SICK I DONNO WHAT"S WRONG 1! loooool

well! i've been there 2 or 3 times :p
and my Hubby is caring, super jealous and super duper worried!

i'll just say it was really nice time and it flew by really i didn't see what time is it and i thought about him every second :p w bs hehehehe

Standy said...

LOOOOOOOL this is so funny...

i'll keep them in mind.. although he doesnt mind coz i always tell him i will be late =p