Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Givenchy dress !!

what`s going on people ??? more than 20 whats app  and bbm massages about the dress of So3ad Alhumadhy`s grand daughter !!

i found this cute blog Little Paper Dresses , She made designers dresses using papers art , so cute :) the dresses are 2 or 3 inches tall .waay ketakeeet


SandyBelle_Q8 said...

yesterday was all about this dress! even dad recieved the msg about the dress on his iphone !!!
maskeena 3asa ma ye9eer feha shay ma sewa 3alaiha nafnoof 3ajabha o shareta :P
the other half of the day was correction about the dress price XD .. mako fayda kuwaiteyeen.

Anonymous said...

i didnt liked the dress o 7aseta not for a new bride !! ok il tagyeer 7lo bs mo chethee !! o ilnas athwak

Ra-1 said...

I recieved her photo too, was she the bride?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ruby Gloom : ooof looyah looyah el kuwait a9lan mn shft eldress ana gelt enah no way hatha el price :) lool

Anon : 9a7 elnas athwag , even bl red carpet ma 3jbhom , bas el skhafaa el loooyah elee 9ayraa 3aleh bl kuwait 9oorat elbnt entashrt kil mkan

Ra-1 : no mo ehyaa maskeena wa7da thanyaa