Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dubai ,Me , 30th Birthday

Mar7baa elsaa3

i had an amazing 30th Bday -ooh i mean my 23rd - Birthday :P . i celebrated my birthday in Dubai , thanks alot JJ i had so much fun .

el7mdelaaah everything was perfect but when i said before i leave that i will shop till i drop , yah i dropped ;)

Poor JJ :P

i would like to thank all my lovely , amazing , Ketakeet , friends from twitter thank u all for your Greetings :

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i am So sorry if i forget anyone

yalaah wait enshalah for my posts writing about my shopping in Dubai Dar Al7ay


رورو الشخبوطه said...

كل عام وانتي بخير..

والحمدالله ع السلامه..

mimi said...

Happy happy happy birthday sweety
I told u before and i'll say it again : The fun in life starts when you're 30 ;)
So enjoy it and dont worry .. Age is just a number not a scale to judge who's old or young ..

It doesnt matter what age you are, what matters is that after 30 years u still have people who love you and still want to be with be in ur life, THAT my dear is the real blessing ..
Another thing is always remember to say el7mdella .. Some girls didnt live to be 30 .. And some reached 30 and lost their friends .. Some reached 30 and still not married or in love or got a divorce ..

If u ever feel down (i hope u never feel down) but if u do just count the blessings you have and you'll feel amazing

Im glaaaad you shopped til u dropped lol 3alech eb alf 3afya

Unknown said...

glad u had fun.. cant w8 4 ur report bcoz am going there too v soon

Anonymous said...

happy birthday sweety ay hotel ga3adtw? dubai amazing :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

رورو الشخبوطه

تسلمين حبيبتي و انتي بخير

NewQ8 Bride said...

mimi : 7abeebte thank u thank u thank u for the nice words , el7mdelah i am 30 to know great people just like u ;)

el7mdelah 3laa kil shay am happy wayed , 9ij mom maskeena keeps asking 3la salafat el baby but kil shay eyanin so far ;)

Mulan: sure dear i will enshalah soon

Ra-1 said...

You will recieve your birthday gift on your phone now ;)