Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Congratulations , Kuwait University Students , CFW girls :)

What a ceremony :)

Congratulations all of you , specially the students of the College For Women , wish u all the best :*
every year i have to attend the ceremony , and every year i dress up . except this year , both of us , me and my colleague went there wearing jeans with no make up on , and the KTV camera man zoomed on our faces !!
i left the stadium and my mobile started to receive all those massages about me appearing on TV :P leesh 3ad this year , leesh ??
i didnt watch , i hope we can get copy of the ceremony , anyone could help ??

Girls come get your Pictures yalaaaah :P


Anonymous said...

Ya shftkom fy TV looove u o love ur bloge mashalah 3alch ;****

Anonymous said...

I work at cfw bes ma3araftech :P
I noticed dr tariq's head though lol