Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank u you :)

Thank u all , the winner of the "World Book Day" give away will be announced soon ;)

Oh , Congratulating for William and Kate ;)

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Help me and think :) what should I do

Imagine what kind of tips I can provide you ladies according to my crazy experience :p

My sweet lovely jj didn't set any rules for me regarding going out with friends , family , or alone . He never asked me to come back at a cretin time , unless I keep contacting him . SMS , bbm , what's app or calling him .

My sweet cupcake , my amazing cream pie will turn to the craziest Lentil soup :p if I , under any circumstances forgot to call him .

Today , I went out with my friend and my mobile acts crazy , it turned off without any warning , regarding that , I know something not goooooooooood is waiting for me .

Let's think together what you should do if u been in the same situation or you arrived home late ( most girls in Kuwait are complaining regarding that )

-if he is home -

Trick 1. : open the door as if you are going to die , you are so tired , you don't know what wrong with you , tell you are having , a headache , stomach pain or a stroke , what ever comes to your mind .

He may believe you but he will not care about you , all what he will do is to remain silent , which is good by the way :p

Trick 2 : open the door while your talking on the phone ( I couldn't do that my mobile is dead ) act as if you are fighting with your mom , sister , friends , the tailer 7beebeoooo . Keep in mind to call the the Bank , calling center or 113 incase he called you before your entrance :p
In this situation he will ask you what's wrong , so let's your imagination fly :p

-If he is out :

Trick 1:

If no one noticed what time you come home , shut up and don't say a word . No apologizing , no calling , changed your clothes to your unmatched pajama , and jump in the couch :p

Trick 2:

In my case he is mad because I am not calling , so I will call him , act as if am crying and feeling guilty :p this will not work with me , or act funny and make a fool of yourself

Trick 3: send a SMS , or bl bb telling him how much you are love him and blah blah blah m and you are sorry , and other girly stuff

When he comes back home , smile , jump and hug him :p

Or Do what am I doing now , write a post about him ;)

Dear walah am sorry ;)

Let's wait and see what will happens ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My 1st Give away ;) don`t miss it

It`s World Book Day and i am celebrating it with all of you for a one week long . So in the spirits of enjoying the world of books , i am giving away 2 books from my favorites chick lit writers :
Marian Keyes & Sophie Kinsella .

All you have to do to win , is leaving a comment telling me when did you start reading my blog :) and do u  still read my posts ?

easy ;)

i will choose a random winner next Satrduay

P.S The Sophie Kinsella `s book is not from the shopaholic series.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

مدونات من ذهب

في كل يوم اتسائل  مالذي حصل في عالم التدوين ؟ الجميع كان يتناقش و يتكلم عبر التعليقات التي تصل الى المدونات حول العديد من المواضيع ؟

تغيرت المفاهيم و اصبح البحث عن اعلانات و دعايات و الحصول على عروض مختلفة هو الهدف الرئيسي من المدونة و لا انكر بل اعترف و اقر باني انجرفت في هذه التيار

مدونات دعايات ، صفحات صفراء ، ناجحة و مفيده في كثير من الأحيان 

اليوم فقط عدت بذاكرتي الى المدونات الجميلة التي كنت اتابعها

وجدتها مثلما هي
رائعة و جميله و مليئة بالكلمات التي تأخذني الى عالم اخر

عالم اعيش به بعيدا عن عالم الماديات مليئ بالمشاعر و الكلمات

عوده الى الكلمات و الى مدونات لطالما حركت الكثير من مشاعري

و هناك المزيد

استوعبت و لو كان استيعابي متأخرا

انا من خرجت عن الطريق

Earth Day with Polyvore

Explore Mother Earth with Love

i Love Polyvore , i can spend hours just creating sets and look at others arts , so you can join and enter Earth day contest  by creating a set that shows your celebration and awareness

Monday, April 18, 2011

London College of fashion Courses in Dubai

received this e-mail , from Sauce , hmmm i was planning to take  Fashion short course in London :) so i may go . who is in girls ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My post is Full of Anger !!

They are waiting for that day , to come to them and declare our separation . She thinks she is the best , the one who is waiting

i don`t want to revel the truth to you because you may hate your life honey .

i am in love , we will never leave each other , enshalah .

He loves me no matter what difficulties we r facing , we are there for each other , and i want to tell you one thing

I'm so happy and satisfied with everything in my life . i am living the Life of a new Bride even after 5 years  ;)

You r the one who needs to check on her life . ok

شهرزاد و شهريار اليوم

سهرنا على احاديث الف ليلة و ليلة

فتشكل  الحوار في احلامي

لأكون لك شهرزادا

بحلة جديدة

تحكي لك حكاية

عبر رسالة

او   كلمات في مدونة

و تكون انت شهريار

اللذي يقتل شهرزاده

ان لم تجيب على رسائلي عبر هاتفك

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bow HeadBand

what do u think girls ??

these headbands are from TopShop , that is why i prefer to wait and not to get any trends stuff from girls selling in exhibitions , i know everything will be available in the markets ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Most Popular

The week's most popular post on my blog is :

Check it if u miss it ;)

Must choose

I am done from " The Twenties Girl" by : Sophie Kinsella . I have to start to read another novel , thanks God i am back to reading .

So I have all these books to read , don't know which one to choose !

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Location:Road No 103,,Kuwait

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For me , it's a wonderful day

Yeh a day with dusty weather and a painful headache , but what makes it amazing

I am spending my time laying there next you .

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Congratulations , Kuwait University Students , CFW girls :)

What a ceremony :)

Congratulations all of you , specially the students of the College For Women , wish u all the best :*
every year i have to attend the ceremony , and every year i dress up . except this year , both of us , me and my colleague went there wearing jeans with no make up on , and the KTV camera man zoomed on our faces !!
i left the stadium and my mobile started to receive all those massages about me appearing on TV :P leesh 3ad this year , leesh ??
i didnt watch , i hope we can get copy of the ceremony , anyone could help ??

Girls come get your Pictures yalaaaah :P

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets Talk Dubai

I guess you guys are getting enough from all that fuzz about my 30th birthday :P and that's what i desired for a birthday, to let the whole world celebrates with me:)

My hero, agreed on celebrating my birthday in Dubai , oh i forget to mention that we have that birthday`s rule , which to ask for what we want as a gift ;)

That`s it khla9 stop talking Birthday , Let's Talk Dubai ..

i am in love with Dubai , and i keep falling in love more and more every time i visit that place . its full of a life and energy , YOU CAN FEEL THE EXCITEMENT, DEEP INSIDE

i already had the plan to do my spring /summer shopping, thats why choosing Almanzil Hotel for our accommodation was the perfect choice . a lovely hotel , amazing staff and a romantic rooms , moreover you can walk to Dubai mall through Souk Al Bahar which i think it was really helpful to burn all the calories i am going to gain there

our Room :) some people didn't like the open toilet area , for me i loved it :)

i was expecting special arraignments because hubby informed them that the purpose of our visit is to celebrate my birthday , a red rose perhaps ?? but i didn`t receive anything , so this is my only complain

we arrived one day before the big day , had a nap and ran to the mall in harry because i feelt that we were running out of time , i wanted to go shopping so badly .

on my way to Dubai Mall

Dubai mall was crowded , once we arrived the mall was filled with small booths , which i noticed later that it was a competition called "Young Entrepreneur Competition " it is an event brings together students from across the UAE to present and sell their products , God the place was full of people , young boys and girls in a competitive environment :)

one of the things that i wanted to do is to get a new pair of loubouies on the morning of my birthday , all my friends know how i feel regarding Chirstian loubotin`s shoes . i am in love with everything made by Monsieur Louboutin .

we took the hotel`s shuttle bus to Emirates mall , the time written in the schedule was to be there at 9:30 A.M. , and 9:30 sharp we were there .

mashalah u feel that everything is working according to a plan . i wish here in Kuwait we have that dynamic plan to run the country .

i went to louboutin boutique , get that amazing Lady clou heels , i was disappointed that i couldn't find any handbags , they didn`t receive them yet .

aah am in love

Shopping at Boutique1 is a must , i insist , a must , i loved the boutique , the costumer services and the display of the clothes and the accessories :)

even hubby got excited and liked the place that he got himself a cards holder wallet and a case for his mobiles and stuff , also i got a lovely satchel from Mulberry , the sales lady was so sweet , and i have to mentioned that i loved the costumer services there .

i continued my shopping till the last day of my lovely amazing Birthday gift from jj .

for you : i know i was acting like a kid asking you to keep taking photos of me everywhere all the time , roaming with me at the mall . and for Loving me . i don't care what others will say about me , i am your and i am proud you r mine

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Givenchy dress !!

what`s going on people ??? more than 20 whats app  and bbm massages about the dress of So3ad Alhumadhy`s grand daughter !!

i found this cute blog Little Paper Dresses , She made designers dresses using papers art , so cute :) the dresses are 2 or 3 inches tall .waay ketakeeet

Kuwaiti couples (1)

Mr. Kuwaiti : plz lebsay bsr3a we are late ( he is asking her to dress up quickly because they r late )

Mrs. Kuwaiteya : eee 7beebe enshalah khla9t 7ta make up mane 7a6a ( ok dear am already done , I didn't even apply makeup )

Mr.Kuwaiti : la 3adee 7e6ay k7el ( just apply eyeliner )

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : shno ?? Shga9dik ? Ana jakooor ya3nee ??? ( do u mean that am ugly ?h

Mr.Kuwaiti : (confused) ma gelt chthe !!! ( I didnt say that )

Mrs.Kuwaiteya : u did :( go away , leave me alone


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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Birthday gift from Ra1

Thank you , thank you . I received a birthday gift from Ra1 photo Studio 4 photos :)

She knows how much I love to be photographed , can't Waite

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Most Popular ????

The week's most popular post on my blog is :

ستار اكاديمي !!! سالفة الآذان ؟؟ تقليد

Check it if u miss it

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

From Newq8Bride's Book of Love

I look into your eyes , i read among the lines ,

your eyes are the books i will never stop reading .

they tell me the story of your life . Never hide your feelings . just tell me

Promise , i am there for you

Girls , Girls

We worship fashion , and everything related to fashion , make up , dresses , shoes and bags , and since we love fashion too much , we do not mind to have novel blogs integrated to fashion :

lets salute :

a  new , cute and dazzling blog

girls u have to check it out and add it to your daily must check blogs  :)

Harry up it`s the last day to win with Am A traveler

Do not miss the contest , just click on the link and guess where she is traveling this week ?? and you will get astonishing gift ;) just comment and win ;P

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ستار اكاديمي !!! سالفة الآذان ؟؟ تقليد

قريت  بمدونة


باكثر عن سالفة ستار اكاديمي و غناء الآذان

الظاهر هالحركة هبة ب لبنان !!

الصيف اللي فات بشهر 8 اعتقد كانت امي عندها مؤتمر  في بيروت و انا طبعا المرافق الدائم اللزقة

المهم كان في حفل افتتاح و مرشدات و كشافة من لبنان قدمو هالفقره و كانت اذان مع صلاة المسيح

يعني الوضع هبة و تقليد

و لبنان يحبون هالسوالف و الفناتق
 اسفة التصوير مو واضح من موبايلي

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dubai ,Me , 30th Birthday

Mar7baa elsaa3

i had an amazing 30th Bday -ooh i mean my 23rd - Birthday :P . i celebrated my birthday in Dubai , thanks alot JJ i had so much fun .

el7mdelaaah everything was perfect but when i said before i leave that i will shop till i drop , yah i dropped ;)

Poor JJ :P

i would like to thank all my lovely , amazing , Ketakeet , friends from twitter thank u all for your Greetings :

@Badritti @A_ALMAJED @MuLaN15 @manuella103 @Luliyo @HiMaintenanceQ8 @nouraalsabej @Dalaylaa @Om_Rory @too0ofe @hanouf80 @Shayouma @RuBY_GLoOoM @Ms_Aq8 @Ra1photo @mmrsmdxb @iLA43 @ Ophy80 @MieTwitie
@butterflyxx22@AliKhajah@Esperanza91 @DJuhail @meesooo @no0osh@iAsoom @SimplyHindHappy@kityblonde82 @Lwlow @OmMish3al

i am So sorry if i forget anyone

yalaah wait enshalah for my posts writing about my shopping in Dubai Dar Al7ay

Friday, April 01, 2011

Off to Dubai on my twenties , back when i am 30 enshalah

One day left until i am going to embark a new phase in my life . i chatted about The big day a lot , i guess most of you noticed that and got bored too .

I can`t describe the feelings , maybe some of you will think that I am exaggerating , the truth is, I have mixed thrills , I am happy , scared and excited .

I know 30 is just a number , but I don`t know why I need to hear those words daily : You don`t look like you are 30 . what makes me happy , that (el7amdela ) everybody keeps telling me that i am glowing , a friend told me that i look younger than last year , i am tanned , and somehow i am back to my ideal weight , over all i am satisfied with my look .

I am scared , because i will hate it if people tempt to treat me , as if i am an old woman , i will keep wearing lady GaGa`s shirts , smurfs pajamas and i want to have fun and enjoy my life . i have that image in my mind , the stereotype of women in their 30s , the boring ones , i don`t want to be like them , i know time changes and people changes . one more thing (i promised my self not talk about that matter again ) i do not want to glance the look of pity in people`s eyes because i am not a mother yet , since i am fine :) i am really fine .

I am excited , because i know that becoming 30 means , beautiful and sexy look with an astonishing hair and dazzling skin ;) so lets see , i am waiting for you , my Big Day , enshalah everything will be shining ,and full of cheerfulness

Dear JJ : here i am turning 30 and i am in love with  you :) i hope you will love more , i know i am getting crazier :P but you know that you are the reason of my happiness and bliss :* and i am Thirty Flirty and Thriving