Sunday, March 13, 2011

The World

My thoughts are with all those people effected by natural disasters or manmade one to all the people around the world who are suffering Our thoughts are with them

To our families in Bahrain ,you are living the most peaceful nation in the whole world . May God protect your country from any threatens

My deepest sympathy to the people of Japan who are suffering from the earthquake and tsunami .

i Cant say more :(


AMA Traveler said...

me wanna go there to japan wanna help people to survive ...and the beaople of bahrain :* they should know what to do with those people ! take some serious action ! I know enshallah KSA will help

جالبوت said...

نضم دعواتنا معاكم ونسأل الله ان يحفظ الجميع

جالبوت said...

كفيتوا ووفيتوا، نضم دعواتنا معكم ونسأل الرحمن بأن يحفظ الجميع

NewQ8 Bride said...

i `a a traveler : you are working hard mashalah :) alaah y3^ech el3afeya

jalboot : thank you :)