Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is here ? :) check out The-Manhattan

“(The FIRST online shop to bring you La Mer Collections to Kuwait) has restocked its collection of timeless, stylish & affordable La Mer timepieces! We have also received fabulous new styles for the Spring 2011 season”

Girls, be special and be unique.

Guys, Mothers day is coming soon ;)


The Manhattan Team said...

Thak you so much for your support! Doesn't feel like Spring in Kuwait, huh? LOL! :)

Let's enjoy this rainy weather while it lasts! :-D

NewQ8 Bride said...

Oh no need to thank me because i love shopping at the Manhattan . ;) so I did it because I love it

About the weather , I am a sunny person that's why I wake up today prying to be touched by the sun :)

Wish u all the best ;)

The Manhattan Team said...

Thank you VERY much sweetie! We are very happy to hear you love our humble little shop :-*

Hope you get your rays of sunshine soon! But I'm also hoping I get a cloud with rain above my head at least LOLL!!! I love the rain!! :-D