Friday, March 25, 2011 ,Madame Sucre and one morebite You made my day ;)

We celebrated mother`s day today , at our gathering , i was realy confused what to give mom but once Sheeel .com announced the ipad`s deal

 i got one for her . my bro and sis asked me to share the gift which i regrat now :(

any way :) added to it i ordered Maddames secure`s mother` day gift box which was amazing ,  people u must try it . contact them :

Facebook : Madame Sucre or Sugarmemories.

On Twitter @MadameSucree

Phone no. 965 99515599

finally it`s shosho`s Birthday , my niece , i ordered these lovely cupcakes from OneMoreBite

 everything was more then perfect , Mom loved the ipad waaayed ;) moreover she gave us gifts to all of us

thank u mom , and dad next year we will gift u enshalah ;)

love my family i love mom and dad my brothers , and my sister i love u so much , but i wish u understand what is the meaning of the word Sister

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