Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Perfect Accessory !!!A girl can never have too many shoes

Woow thanks God I am done, I guess people who are following me on twitter know what I am talking about, my event for today. It is not a big event: P but my new policy at the office is  to not miss any occasion and try to arrange whatever comes to my mind for the employees to break the routine   .

I guess my manager liked it that way. Any way yesterday I was looking for giveaways to be given to the first 10 employees who sign the no texting while driving pledge (yeh yeh just like Oprah) and by the way I mentioned that in the pledge ;)

so back to the main story, I was tired, and didn’t know what to get them, actually I don’t have a budget, that’s why I was looking for simple but meaningful gifts. I ended up at LoLo hyper market, it was my first visit to that place, look what I got from them ( for Me ) :P

it is a shoebox ??????

hmmmm wait

It’s not a regular shoebox  :)

 Girls ;) 

Ooooh they took my breath, the complete collection of novels  by Lauren Weisberge , i mean starting from The Devil wears Prada till the  Last Night at Chateau Marmont  :)
it is "The Perfect Accessory  "
Can’t wait to start reading them ;)

Oh God , it`s time to go go home

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SandyBelle_Q8 said...

OMG! .. I Must get me one of those ! This is just the perfect gift :) ya36eech alf 3afyaa :*