Monday, March 28, 2011

Our day turns upside-down

I don't know what is happening but both of us really need to organize our schedules . I have been sleeping in the evening and waking up at midnight , he has been doing the same . So mn el akher mbad3eedn

Now I will watch a movie called "Agora" , I love historical movies that set and related to the Roman history .

There is a love story of course , but also talks about the rise of the Christianity .

I noticed that some of the cast are Arabs :

Sami Sameer he is an Egyptian , his mom is Israeli
Mashalah he is handsome :p

Yalaah let me watch

Dear anonymous , plz don't read my posts if u hate me that much , it's ok to help me improve myself , so I will accept any comments , polite comments

or don't bother your self .


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