Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh March !

Don't tell me March 2011 is not spacial , with all that hail mashalah , and the weekly weddings , receptions and parties . I bet all of you girls are feeling the same ( sorry guys not your issues ) .

I have a wedding party , a cousin's wedding . Thanks god just received my dress last night after alteration , today I got the confirmation for the saloon . I am going to Betty Boop Beauty SaLon :) they are perfect no need to say more :) enshalah after the wedding I will post about my look :)

Lool imagine me doing that hairstyle

Why I am so thrilled attending all these weddings and parties ,, to be honest I am so scared of being 30 , the count down started and I have mixed feelings regarding that issue . I had huge makeover on my look I feel satisfied .

There is an important point i would like to clarify , i wish i could go on tv to present it to everybody knows me :p

Our priorities in life are different , each person knows what are the basics in his life that will make him live happily . For example , it's not necessary what makes your life perfect , will give my life the same perfection .

Unfortunately , I am facing that issue , lots of people around me think, how could I keep going on with my life , without having kids and I am reaching 30 next month !!! Ok I am not denying being a mother is one of the things that I really wish to be , but my life is not going to stop at this point . I love Life , I believe enjoying what I have in my hands right now rather than thinking about what I don't have !

That is my priority , I love my self , I am so happy with my husband's love and care , I love Us waaayed , and I am surrounded by wonderful friends .

A family member told me : you r looking younger every time I saw u . How could u make it through all that pain ? I replied to her , what pain !!!

Others think I am silly thinking only about the way I look , clothes , shoes and bags . I am telling them these silly things make me happy , so as long as I am not harming others or my self , why not ?

Even JJ having all that cars fuss which makes him busy most of the time , and both of us agree and believe, on one day it will happens on the right time and God knows when enshalah .

If it didn't happened , we didn't loose anything because we are living our life and we didn't miss a single moment without our love to each other .

If I am happy , nothing else will matter :)

So 30's people , get prepared for a new member , that will rock the world ;) Enshalah

For U :

لو عطوني ما عطوني من كنوز و خيروني مابي غيرك حبيبي و ما أتنازل عن شعوري

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Unknown said...

i've talking with my husband about the kids for months now so far we both agreed we want kids after 3 or 5 years yet am afraid of his family reaction i really hope his mom doesn't make it hard on me and respect our decision

since last weekend i have weddings every weekend and the last one is mine :S the week my wedding is suppose to be i have three family weddings too :S

Anonymous said...

الدعاء بعلم الغيب مستجااب
شكثر ناس تدعيلج بظهر الغيب تحبج وماتعرفج
ماتدرين شكثر انا استانس على تفكيرج
وبقلدج 
والناس الي تعلق اسمحيلي حدها مليقه
مادري اشلون يقدرون يقولون جذي
مايفكرون تجرح ولا تزعل الكلمه
ترا ناطره النيولوك صج بقلدج
مشكوره على hudabeuaty حدا مدا فادني

Sn3a said...

oh GOD
which pain!!
احد شكالهم الحال
الناس يعطون نفسهم الحريه يتدخلون بحياة غيرهم بطريقه وقحه مع احترامي لج
عيشي حياتج وزين تسوين
الله مأخر قسمته لسبب اهو يعرفه
اللي خلقنا ابخص بمصلحتنا
الله يخليكم لبعض يا رب

Anonymous said...

NEVER EVER LOSE HOPE that someday you'll be a mother. You see i was born after 12 years of my parnets trying to have a baby. they went to London, America and i think thats it or 3eelaj to have me. Many doctors said that its IMPOSSIBLE for them to have a baby. After 12 years of doctors telling my parents they can't have a baby mum didnt lose hope and told one doctor "ra7 ayy youm badsh il 3eyada ou banaty waray" b3dn 3ad ana yat ou later came my 2younger sisters. so never say never or lose hope ely allah katba be9er ou kalm il nas ma ekhal9

Ra-1 said...

I love how you think mashaAllah :*
and btw u looked amazing at the wedding!
أحلى مرة أشوفج فيها التان والنفنوف والتسريحة
Perfect mashaAllah :)

mimi said...

honey .. life begins at 30 ;)
i'm still not there but i KNOW that it's going to be amazing enshala and i always remember "sex and the city" they're all in their 30s and living the best days of their lives

about the baby issue, i've been married for 3 years and allah ma ketab wel7mdella 3ala kel 7aal at least i'm married to a man yamli 3alay 7ayaati because we got married 3an 7ob mo el zawaaj el taqleedi so if it's just the two of us at the end i'm happy el7mdela .. bs a few months ago 7aset ena we should check ourselves (sonar hermonaat lab tests ..etc) MN KETHER MA EL NAAS 7ASESONI ENE ANA OR RAYLI 3AQEEM W MA NYEEB 3YAAL .. we checked everything w sob7aan allah maaa feena shay bas allah mo kaateb .. 7ta el doctor tnarfaz gaalena la tesmo3on kalam el naas w kathraw mn el este'3faar w take vitamins wenshala allah yarzegkom
i think that you are an amazing person so as sisters-in-blog advice, fe79aw yourselves both of you BAS CHETHEE just get everything checked and DO NOT TELL ANYONE leave it between you and your husband it could be something sa5eef and cure it .. don't cure it because you want a baby, just cure it because you want to be healthy
w enshala when the time is right w ALLAH ELE YGOOL MO EL NAAS ELE TGOOL you'll post a sonar picture of your baby in your blog :)
ya rab allah yarzegech w yakteblech el 5er and don't ever change, always be the amazing strong person you are w believe in God's plan he has hidden for you

sorry i typed too much bs wallah because you remind me so much of myself i thought that i should share what i have in my heart with you.

God bless you and you will be AMAAZING IN your 30s MORE than your 20s TRUST ME ;)

NewQ8 Bride said...

samaher tariq : so sweet , congrats new bride ;) i guess you don`t have attend the weddings?? cuz you are a bride to be . that what we are doing here . about kids , in my case , mom is the one who keeps me worried , dear enjoy your love with your husband and dont think about anything else :*