Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Holiday -Maldives- meet my friends

With all the celebrations spirits roaming allover Kuwait , I can't tell how happy I am watching everyone happy and overwhelmed , I miss Kuwaiti people who know how to enjoy their lives .

So I am back from a one week amazing Holiday  in the Maldives . No words can describe my feelings , it's not my first time there , but i feel that I need to go there from time to time , to renew my mind , body ,spirit and my Love .

These images may translate what I experienced there :

There's no place else like an island in the Maldives  to read a book  or to persist what you are reading for ages :P

انا و الليل و القمره

Snacks from kuwait ;) lazm

all what i need to survive there

oooh i miss you my dear Bar3oo9 :P

yaah tra 9ar rfeeje ohwaa o rab3a

oh i have to mention that point , it is normal to find different types of insects , lizards and other new editions of zawa7ef that we don't know  . so girls if you are going there prepare yourselves and don't be a drama queen

"Dream Island" loved the white sand , and my other Friend :P

Kuwait :*

More reading by the pool , i left the book here and went to bed i woke up hearing the sound of heavy raining :P thanks God i can still read it .

capturing all my photos by the Camera i bought from Sheeel.com;)

i spent my holiday in that pool from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. , i didn't got out of it  till JJ yelled to me to pray el3a9er before the sun set ;)

i will post more stuff later :) o kil ma ta6re 3la balee salfa ra7 aktb-ha ;)

For U : Cant say more :*

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Anonymous said...

alah yhniiij 5osh re7la o thkrtini blthi m`6a a7la estjmam o ma alomj ma thdin el pool :) shkli now bdg 3la ryli :D

AMA Traveler said...

SO LOVELY ! I really adore you and the way your living ! and that's why your my friend :P eyanin elmokan o aham shay elmaglah eli makhthaat.ha weyakum lol esh3nd khaltii :P o el personal styuff I love ! 7diii mestansa ena u enjoyed ! and welcome back !! I really missed u :*

mimi said...

i'm a frequent visitor to your blog and i love everything you post here. i am too a newly married girl and i was SO happy to see such blog.. keep the good stuff coming

el7mdella 3ala salama w 3aleech eb alf 3afya, i've always wanted to go there but i'm worried if the beaches there aren't "private" enough

mimi said...

may i ask which hotel did you stay in ? and was it PRIVATE ?!
ya3ny you can walk around butt-naked if you want to ? lol

i want to make sure that i can wear whatever i want in the privacy of my chalet or hotel room or whatever

i really hope that you reply to my questions :*

The Stig said...

How nice celebrating from Maldives :P

Like that bracelet with Kuwait flag

NewQ8 Bride said...

anonymous : lool lazm lazm u call him now , walah everyone needs that kind of vacation , bas a7es enah kil snteen tree waayed 7lwaa 3ashan ma tmleen

I am a traveler : 7beebte 7dee estanst walah , i learned how to enjoy my time mn wa7da waayed a7bha her name is shosho ;)

Mimi: hala Hala the new bride :) 7abeebte mashkoora wayed enich tgreen ma blog o enshlah my posts ma tkoon maleega ;) ok u can send me an e-mail April_q8@hotmail.com 3ashan adzilch el details or ne6ray my next post ra7 akteb kil Shay enshalah :)

The stig : walah my plan kanat a bigger celebration bas the staff ma Kano friendly to be honest :) about the bracelet I didn't take it off , so proud to be Kuwaiti

AMA Traveler said...

lol is that me :P yallah your office misses u :*

Bint ilKuwait said...

il7imdillaaaaah 3al salamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;**** 3alaaaaikum bil3afyaa 7aeebtii;** kilmat 7arteeni shwaya lOOOOOOOOl lani amoot 3ala shay esma ba7ar!! inshallah when i go there ill ask u for the best places :P 3asa doom hal wanasaa;** and yes post more pictures!!!!

her said...

wanasa :D 3aleakum b2alf 3afya w have tons of fun :))

Sn3a said...

l 7emdelellah 3al salamaaa
glad u had fun
kel ayyamch fun en sha Allah

nitfah said...

why can't i follow this blog?

=D me like!

Expat and the City said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday. I Loved the pics! I wish I could go there for a week. My boss has me chained to my desk. ;)

Ra-1 said...

Glad u had fun :**